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Cassettes & Vinyl Releases

This board is intened for Artists or Labeles to post about their upcoming Cassettes and/or Vinyls.
I have made this board so everyone in the community can keep track of upcoming release of cassettes and Vinyls. I will update this board at a later time when I get home This board is intended for the vaporwave community to keep track of vaporwave Vinyl and cassette releases. It did not occur to me until I saw Pad Chennington's video that many people do not know where and when their favorite vaporwave physical media will be released. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6VB57Sfpy8&t If you know or any upcoming releases or preorders of vinyls, cassettes, or floppies ect, then post them here! You can also embed tweets here I will be...
When posting a new topic to post about your upcoming Cassettes or vinyls. Please us the following format. Thank you! [Available]-[Title]-[by Artist]-[Label]-[Genre] [Pre-order]-[Title]-[by Artist]-[Label]-[Genre] [Soon]-[Title]-[by Artist]-[Label]-[Genre] [Qrates}-[Title]-[by Artist]-[Label]-[Genre] When your vinyls or Cassettes sold put please edit the header to read [Sold-Out]-[Title]-[by Artist]-[Label]-[Genre]
;D Physical Buy/Sell/Trade Thread for Vinyls, Cassettes, Minidics, and more! 8) If you have something you want to put out there, but don't want to make a whole post about it, comment on here what you are buying/selling/trading. After you have completed your offer, please edit your comment to say it is sold/fulfilled. Be careful when going through transactions, it is your personal responsibility to not get scammed.
Hey everyone! It's been quite some time when I posted here due to the fact I have been super busy with the label. There's lots of cool digital and physical copies coming up and I decided to share the complete list of the low-in-stock merch available on our Bandcamp: https://citymanproductions.bandcamp.com/music Feel free to check out our other stuff as well like the My Sister's Fugazi Shirt - DreamDistrict, Paradise Of Yesterday - Sentimental & Canyon Crows - Bad Juju (pre-order, ships on September 30th) vinyls. There's also three different ltd. poster designs available in case you're looking for some cool vaporwave inspired posters...
My label just launched it's first qrates vinyl release a few days ago, Floristic Regions mallsoft album Vol 2, check out all the details here if interested, thanks! https://qrates.com/projects/23647-floristic-regions-vol-2 There's also free download codes in the bandcamp page comments: View: https://occasionallytapes.bandcamp.com/album/vol-2-qrates-vinyl-crowdfund-out-now
View: https://malibudapmusic.bandcamp.com/album/23
He\\\\\\\O \\\\\\\\\\\\Check out my latest release to hit Illuminated Paths. If you like the 80's classic film The Breakfast Club by John Hughes then you may like this album. Its samples from the movie mixed with the soundtrack and a few other 80's gems. Theres a Pretty In Pink song, A Ferris Bueler song, tapes look nice and its only $8. 5 tapes left ! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv View: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/breakfast-c-ub-1-9-8-5 View: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/breakfast-c-ub-1-9-8-5 View...
The website looks like these should be going up for sale at 9am PST on August 1st Where to buy: https://hologrambay.net/ Official announcement: View: https://twitter.com/hologrambay/status/1415385716004065280?s=19 y'all know I'll be gunning for those tapes! (RIP my wallet)
2021 remastered) The 2014 vaporwave classic "Hotel Vibes" by the legendary bl00dwave returns for its 7th anniversary; available for streaming, remastered for 2021, and a new cassette run! View: https://twitter.com/bl00dwave/status/1421139157599064070?s=19 View: https://firstclasscollective.bandcamp.com/album/hotel-vibes
Hi, all. Big VILL4IN shill here! FIFTEEN DOLLARS! This is the shit I do like. Sale ends on Sunday 8/1 (it isn't clear to me if it is still running on 8/1 or if it ends at 11:59PM 7/31) I haven't listened to the Rashida Prime album, but I'm always talking up VOID-005. It's one of my favorites. In my opinion, it's a modern Birth of a New Day. I own it both on vinyl and tape, and of course I paid full price for it :) https://www.mthrbord.com/product/lowxy-void-005-greymarble/ https://www.mthrbord.com/product/mana-010/
Buy: https://snowbranch7k.com/collections/cassette I'm indifferent towards Lost Fragments but I know that any 2814 physical seems to be highly sought after I really love the This is Dreampunk compilation album, though. I've listened to it more times than I can count and tbh I never expected a physical release Please buy these tapes. I need to stop spending so much money on tapes. You'd make my day if these sold out and I was unable to consoom
Price: $32 + $8 shipping (leaves a little to be desired but eh, it is gorgeous and the music's great!) To buy: https://noproblematapes.com/merch/future-2979-nop-box002 Looks like there are 42 remaining Includes these 2x albums: http://noproblematapes.com/album/future-2979 http://noproblematapes.com/album/future-2979-remixes Personally, I am super impressed with both albums. And I find the art to be gorgeous and a nice little addition to any tape collection. My order has already been placed!
Hi, my debut physical release is finally available for purchase on cassette or free download from the power lunch bandcamp (link below) View: https://powerlunch.bandcamp.com/album/asterisk It's a plunderphonics album that incorporates a lot of different electronic styles, using samples and snippets of other music to create new tunes. I hope you dig it!
View: https://mypetflamingo.bandcamp.com/album/nobody-here-the-story-of-vaporwave-2 Only 35 copies left at the time of this post
The newest tape from Around The Water Cooler is finally out! Retrowave, vaporwave, synthwave, molten house - the lot! View: https://aroundthewatercooler.bandcamp.com/album/hold-music-archive-tape-002
My album and first ever physical release is now up for free download or cassette purchase on Business Casual! Midnight Mirage is an original midi vaporwave album inspired by 80s funk and synthpop, with the modern influence of vaporwave and EDM. Has something for everyone, from hard-hitting bangers to dreamy tunes. CASSETTE / FREE DOWNLOAD : https://music.businesscasual.biz/album/midnight-mirage Or listen on Spotify : View: https://open.spotify.com/album/2EHny1rs5csAmE5yQGTsmt?si=n9IDiZYtQQyeJgXOLMAnzg&dl_branch=1
They did a repress! Get it while u can View: https://tigerbloodtapes.bandcamp.com/album/george
https://www.neoncityrecords.com/collections/all?sort_by=created-descending Managed to cop a tape. Limited to 200 for the CD and 500 each for everything else.
I think its a pretty cool gimmick but 175 plus shipping its gotta be a $200 vinyl. I think it would be pretty cool to have as it is one of a kind but I dont think I can spare that much on a vinyl. Im debating on whether to get the Lava or the gold nugget one globogymface View: https://needlejuice.bandcamp.com/album/--2?from=hp
View: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/lovelass its a OST madeup by me for the epic poem loveless from the game final fantasy 7 https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Loveless
Posted about this LP when it released but we are now doing a cassette run of it! Hope everyone enjoys the LP probably my favorite thing I've ever worked on so if you'd like cop a cassette! GET CASSETTES HERE⤵ View: https://ikno.bandcamp.com/album/o-rose
Hey everyone, this is the Vapor Vinyl thread. Post your recently aquired vinyl, your collection, or any vaporwave vinyl. Here is what I got in the mail yesterday. 200% Electronica by ESPRIT orange splatter variant.
What Brands of Walkmans are the good ones out there right now? I dont mean which ones were good, but which ones are currently trustworthy and free of noise and play on tempo? I find in my search for a quality Portable player that every brand seems to be a risk according to its de facto preformance.
As the title suggests, fans of dark ambient, there are only a handful of cassettes left on the Wave Racers bandcamp page! This release comes with a special bonus track that is not available anywhere else! Pick one up while you still can! Get your dose of ambient political vaporwave now! Winter | s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន | Wave Racers Collective (bandcamp.com)
View: https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/chapter-2-endless-nightmare Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare By Midnight Danger From NewRetroWave Records This melodic darksynth release is the 80s slasher soundtrack that deserves a movie made in its honor. The on-body print release from NRW Records is the icing on the cake for minidisc collectors!
Paradise Of Yesterday - Sentimental vinyl and cassette pre-order is open now. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and the cassette to 50 copies. There's also 20 vinyl & cassette bundles available for a reduced price. The vinyl is limited to 2 copies per person and the bundle to 1 copy per person. The expected release date for the vinyl and cassette is February 27, 2021. A little delay is possible due to the COVID pandemic. All the pre-orders will be shipped right after the vinyl and cassette is released. The transparent magenta vinyl comes with a full-color outer and inner sleeves. One side of the inner sleeve is pink and the other one...
Monday, January 11th, 2020 @ 12 PM NOON, CST https://archivaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/paid-programming-2 ALSO, When you order your copy of Paid Programming, use the codes below to get 25 percent off respective releases! -CODES- "XEROX" - Digital Color "ANIMAL" - Animal Observer "DREAM" - Dream Simulator
Pick up your own copy of my dark ambient political album while supplies last (link here)! While you're waiting for it to download, you can enjoy the exclusive video I have compiled for the centerpiece song on the album, "Crumbling Waste." I hope you all come away from it feeling changed, as my sole intention with this release is to teach. :)
View: https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/album/gods-in-his-heaven-alls-right-with-the-world
Hello everyone! DREAM SIMULATOR is coming to full on body print cassette on November 6th at 12 pm CST on Archival Tapes! The official ad is posted to the Archival Tapes Facebook page. Thank you for checking it out! Link to album: View: https://archivaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/dream-simulator Link to codes: View: https://imgur.com/a/adASCAp
https://qrates.com/projects/21599-nautilus-ii-decaying-dreams After part I had such a successful campaign, I'm releasing part II as well. Open preorder for 30 days. Need 100 orders to get made.
Here are some codes for the first album on my label, Xerox Digital Color by Xerox Digital Color. Limited run of 10 black floppy disks! Get em while they're hot! Archivaltapes.bandcamp.com/releases
Hello, I'm really loving this place and very glad my co-worker introduced me to it. I own a small record company based out of the NYC/New Jersey area. I became friends with the Japanese musical genius named Bun Itakura whose first band Chakra had some success when they were around in Japan in the early 80's but now have a huge international cult following. They are one of the earliest of the Japanese bands to be considered a pre-cursor to Vaporwave, and Mr. Itakura also did many Anime soundtracks as well. The pink vinyl 45 my company has just released is an early take of their song "You Need Me" which many Chakra fans consider to be...
https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/merch My latest two albums are finally coming to cassette! Vaporwave and Electro funk goodness
Hey I've released a new tape on my label. The finest hold music in the corporate sector now on compact cassette! Check it out View: https://aroundthewatercooler.bandcamp.com/album/hold-music-archive-tape-001
laser flamingo - love cassette is out now via Cityman Productions! ➤ Professionally duplicated cassette ➤ High-quality J-card ➤ Salmon red cassette ➤ Includes a Bandcamp download code ➤ Limited to 30 hand numbered copies https://citymanprod.com/product/laser-flamingo-love-cassette/ View: https://citymanproductions.bandcamp.com/album/--4 "laser flamingo's love is a therapeutic journey in the deep tunnel of love and erotica. In a time where emotions are encapsulated and sold on stock market to the highest bidder, the flamingo wants to open your eyes and let you enjoy every single facet of love. From erotic thriller-paced to slow...
Hey everyone I'm pleased to announce the campaign to get Nautilus on vinyl. It's a qrates campaign and needs 100 backers to get pressed. It's just about halfway there right now with 3 weeks left. Once it reaches 100 it'll go into production with a less than 2 months turnaround time. Here's the link! https://qrates.com/projects/20854-nautilus Some more info: Nautilus is an album of vaporwave/chillwave/lofi/downtempo inspired by various video games and anime from the polygon era. It is the soundtrack to playing PlayStation in your parents basement in the late 90s, past midnight basking in the incandescent light from a tube tv. It's...