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Here you will find "E-zines", a collection of stories or files from the early days of the internet!
The following is an old text file about a "code of the geeks", from textfiles.com. For those wondering, my code is GAT, d--(d), -p+, c(+), l+, u, e*, m-(+++), s++, n-, h-, f*, g+(-), w+, t--, r+++, y+ what's yours? From: [email protected] (Robert A. Hayden) Date: 11 Aug 93 10:46:30 -0600 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Newsgroups: alt.geek,rec.humor Suggestions welcome. Send them to: Robert A. Hayden: <[email protected]> GSS d-...
It seems every BBS I call around here has a "CyberPunk" sub board. Now, that's all fine and good, but a lot of these BBS's I'm talking about are PD BBS'S!!! Public Domain cretins and the CyberPunk Movement DO NOT MIX. The idea that piracy/hacking/phreaking is bad does not compute for a true CyberPunk. Not in a million years. I mean, come on, guys the one place all these people are getting their CyberPunk hard-ons from is of course the William Gibson books. Now, believe me, I'm NOT ripping on...
PePsIcAnpixeled This e-zine was issued by Cybertek Electric: and "Urban Survival" is written by Douglas P. Bell PePsIcAnpixeled To start with, let's get over the idea that all survivalists are going to get out of "the city" in time to set up a "survival retreat". Not all survivalists are going to have the money, time or inclination to leave the city life and move to the middle of nowhere. First off, leaving your job and having no money will doom you faster than anything you can think of...
pepsimanthumbsupThis may not be an standard E-Zine but it made its way on old BBS sites in the form of an E-Zine, this E-Zine was made by the Eden Press in 1972 Revised 1985 titled "100 Ways To Disappear And Live Free Forever" pepsimanthumbsup To "live free" means to be able to control your own life and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others. What you do and how you do it will almost always determine whether or not freedom will be yours. But YOU must take the...
:EmmaLambida: This E-ZIne/Texfile was written on April 2000 by The Mob Boss :EmmaLambida: The Lost Art Of BBSing By The Mob Boss The 80's are forever remembered in our hacking and phreaking history as the good old days. Times of wide spread knowledge, great ezines, terrific research, and most importantly the time of BBSing. Bulletin Board Systems were the way most hackers and phreakers learned great things. Many started as newbies and by the end were experts assisting other newcomers...
:toilet:How Much My Life Sux Anonymous Loozer (September 15, 2001) :Pdove: This document outlines how much my life sux, hence the title. I chose to be anon cause if I wuzn't, then My life would suck even more! - There's this total slut in skool. She hits on everybody. She hit on everybody I know, she fucked my friends (or at least tried(she's been around a bit so she's probably got a few STDs)), and she has never hit on me. - Every chick I've asked out or told I liked as either...
:drinkBleach:This E-zine/Textfile was originally written on November 2000 :drinkBleach: So you're bored, and your physical appearance isn't exactly helping your social life? You need a way to feed your ego without having to go outside (you know, where "they" are), or getting off your fat ass? Why not become an internet badass? Benefits of becoming an internet badass: - Cyber/Phone sex - Elevated Ego - Semi-loyal Followers - ereet h4x0r status without all the trouble of learning computing...
I have no intention to break any rules. This file looks like it was circulating in the early 2000s. While the information is kinda gross...I think it deserves a place in this archive. After all, it's part of 'internet history', be it 'good' or 'bad'. ((ZINE FOUND ON THE EX-PARAZZZITE SITE)) (+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+)(+) (_)(_) How to fuck the Dead (_)(_) (_)(_) By The Necrophiliac with...
:Cokebaka: This E-Zine was written by 2600 hacker quarterly summer 2004 by b-bstf [email protected] :Cokebaka: I've written this article after reading a few letter which show that some readers seem to know little about piracy on the Internet. I don't know everything about piracy on the net, but I would go so far to say that I know a fair bit about it. First off, piracy isn't just a few guys who work at cinemas and software stores taking the odd film or game home and sharing it on...
:blueskull: Bring ing back another interesting E-Zine from the past! It seems that this one was written in 2008 so its not that long ago but I thought it was pretty entertaining. Black Ops "gaining revenge and/or profit" by MRDark of The Militia (February, 2008) :blueskull: First of all I will explain the difference between a black op and a night op. Black ops are based on gaining revenge and/or profit, such as graffiti/vandalism or car shopping or any other such types of theft. Black ops...
:Cokebaka: This Ezine was written by By: Zero 11-18-2001 :Cokebaka: The Jolly Roger, Exodus, RFlagg, we've heard them all.. The Anarchist Cookbook is by far one of the most interesting books available on the internet today. It is also one of the most lied about books on the internet today. I am going to try and Cypher out what the Anarchist Cookbook is, and what has happened to it since its release on the Internet. Keep in mind that this is a text document dealing with the Internet...
:KrillinThug: This Textfile was written on the summer of july 7th 1999 by Voya :KrillinThug: ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT: There is a difference of opinion on whether the experienced should help the novice. There are those who believe that the experienced should finally start teaching the inexperienced, while others say that they should stop tutoring and leave the novice to ponder by themselves without any help or interference, just like the first members of the community had to do when they began...
:ChesterCheetah: This E-Zine was written around 1990s about the Y2K Bug :ChesterCheetah: During the infancy of full scale commercial and government computer use, there was a premium placed on storage space. Because the then modern technology necessitated that all data be as compacted as possible all shortcuts were used to achieve acceptable program sizes. One of these shortcuts was the reduction of a year into a two-digit number, for example "1976" would simply be known as "76" in the...
:BurgerTime: This E-zine was written by Pyromania May 2005 :BurgerTime: Anti-Piracy |FIXED BY REAL INTERNET PEOPLE |++++Pyromania++++| THE INTERNET IS FREE (NOTICE: The text in Bold was commentary by Pyromania against the RIAA) Old as the Barbary Coast, New as the Internet - No black flags with skull and crossbones, no cutlasses, cannons, or daggers identify today's pirates. You can't see them coming; there's no warning shot across your bow. Yet rest assured the pirates are out there...
:Reportinggirl: This e-zine was written by: paranoidxe date: 04/21/2004 :Reportinggirl: For generic information about viruses and how they work, please visit my other document entitled "The Basic Concepts of PC Viruses". This document automatically assumes you have knowledge on the following: PePsIcAnpixeled What a virus is PePsIcAnpixeled What a trojan is PePsIcAnpixeled What a worm is PePsIcAnpixeled What polymorphic, stealth, memory resident, etc. mean PePsIcAnpixeled What .COM...
:ChesterCheetah: This E-Zine/Textfile was originally written by hakka on April 2002 :ChesterCheetah: Quick note: Don't actually do this, this is just for entertainment purposes and nostalgia reading pleasure of the old 2000's era. Having a good time when causing mischief can be fun but getting caught can be real pain in the ass. This file contains information about the different games you can play and how to not get caught when running from the cops or by getting chased by the average...
:CokeCan: This E-Zine/TextFile was issued by COLA and written by zatathustra on March 6, 2000. :CokeCan: Cola Presents: Fred The elite Hacker vs Ronald McDonald One day Fred was sitting at home, watching tv when he saw a McDonalds ad. "Two thick juicy patties of compressed "meat" sandwiched between reprocessed garbage! Eat MDs and save!" bleed the white, pustulent face of the cackling demon Ronald McDonald. "This week's bullshit toy: some crappy piece of melted plastic!" "Save!"...
:Cokebaka: This E-Zine was taken from excerpts of B0G!#@! Issue #8 & #3 (August, 2000) :Cokebaka: [ 7:. - [ Pissing off Radio Shack and other people ] Brought to you by the letters E and K, and by my good friend Mary Juana. Now to the article. Well, since Im extremely bored, and don't have the effort, I'll just do a stupid article. "Pissing off Radio Shack and countless other people." Yes folks, I'm in a great mood. Went to sleep at a nice 3:30 am, got up at a nice 7:30 am, yessiree...
:Cokebaka: This e-zine was originally written on 1994 by Jeff Koyen :Cokebaka: I sometimes wish that I didn't use vulgar language so often; I've become jaded & desensitized to the impact of obscenity. The English language simply doesn't contain some of the words I need. Specifically, the words I need to convey my utter disgust and contempt for a place called Dave & Buster's, located on the waterfront here in Philadelphia. Based in Texas, D&B's has opened a couple of these places across...
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