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Vaporwave interviews of vaporwave artists can be view here!
;) Admin Note: I did this mini interview for the last issue of Private Suite Mag back in May 2020. Reading it now and I see that I left ALOT out of what Agora Road started as. I use to post some WILD stuff back then, and guides that I found on the darkweb. I will post screenshots of them below to get a feel for it. ;)Private Suite: Do _you miss that sweet, sweet '90s internet feel? Wait no longer, because you can now experience it again with Agora Road and the Macintosh Cafe, a website...
Somewhere in the abyss of Shenzhen, China there lies an artist names Vill4in ( 暗号零, 암호, Ghoul, C1PH3R, H a z e) that produces music such as electronic, ambient, cyberpunk, and vaporwave.He has made many popular albums in the community such as Mother-暗号零, VOID-004 – 암호 , and my personal favorite Internet Explorer – h a z e. You can read my review of the album here.Today I had a chat with Vill4in and it is my first review ever! So I may be a little rusty but hopefully there will be many...
Out living in the west coast! You'll find the one! and only! the powerful Azuresands大麻! He is a man with many talents and a maker of vaporwave music.This is my second interview ever and some albums you may have heard from Azuresands大麻 is I Can't Believe It's Not Fabio!, P O R Y G O N I A, As Seen on TV, and Neighbors.Agora Road: How did you get started making music?Azuresands大麻 I've messed around with various kind of music since junior high. Record collecting led to radio which led to...
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