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  • MySpace Tom:
    My sister and I used to destroy the boss rush in just a few minutes
  • MySpace Tom:
  • napata:
    have u played the forgotten land?
  • napata:
    best kirb game ever
  • vect0r:
    Pangolin said:
    because they start seeing sussy traffic and want to D/C you
    I think you're only at risk of getting raided if you run an exit node. The rest are safe(r)
  • Jackal:
    i only played kirby dreamland 3 for the snes
  • napata:
    hows it, i never own a snes
  • napata:
    my whole childhood was just gba and ds
  • Jackal:
    Oh, i played it on emulator akjdskljkads
  • Jackal:
    i'm 20 dude, i was born just a year after the gamecube adsjklsadj i couldn't had the snes in any way ajdsklajskd
  • napata:
    oooo i see lol didnt think of that
  • napata:
    i only used emulator for gba after mine broke down
  • Rollingstart:
    my first console was a genesis, then I got a snes a couple years after that because I really wanted Donkey Kong Country, I basically begged my mom for it and finally she gave in. I got a PSX, sold it and bought a Dreamcast with the money, then got a PS2 for Christmas, that was the last console I ever got
  • Rollingstart:
    My little sister had a PS3 that I used to mess around with but I never really got into that era of gaming
  • napata:
    mine starts from gameboy, then gameboy advance and ds afterward. then i just rotated between the consoles and random mmo i could find on pc
  • napata:
    i think i skipped good amount of games during 2010-2018, and now im back with switch and ps5
  • MySpace Tom:
    Kirby on the NES is also surprisingly good
  • napata:
    i think i can play almost every games if i get switch subscription
  • MySpace Tom:
    Emulation is cheaper
  • napata:
  • napata:
    gotta check if my laptop is still alive or not
  • Drifloon:
    I own the Switch Sub + Expansion. Mostly as an easy way to emulate games when I'm away from home.
  • Drifloon:
    Pokémon Stadium is what I'm enjoying at the moment
  • 雨、Some_porcupine、 逃げ出した後:
    Vitnira said:
    it'd be cool if we do end up finding tons of hydrogen-3 in the moon, get nuclear fusion going
    red dwarf vibes
    雨、Some_porcupine、 逃げ出した後: it'd be cool if we do end up finding tons of hydrogen-3 in the moon, get nuclear fusion going...