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  • just did some technomancy using jewish magick to learn the algorithm better after it provided me with a cute girl in my dm's that says uwu and does ahegao in anno domini 2019+3


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    치타 킹
    치타 킹
    You really shouldn't trust in those kind of women, but i'll leave the task of finding out "why" to you :JunkoLewd:
    On my way to stop being a furry while simultaneously doing the werewolf quest. Don't wish me luck
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    Take the furpill. Become enlightened. Attain meaning.
    taking the furpill is just identifying your bush soul/totem but like in 144 p
    making a short furry (human male on female anthro) story to put later on Ao3 and 4chan, would anyone mind being my beta-reader?
    Do not play snootgame
    for the love of God do not play snootgame.xyz
    Don't download it, don't click it, burn your memory right as this hits you.
    I'm a furry, and I considered myself a normal guy outside of that, but no other piece of media has made me this sad over a non binary rockstar Dinosaur. This memory won't go away, not even as days pass. Please, DO NOT PLAY SNOOTGAME
    Why would you wear a crucifix around your neck? If he died by the gun, would you encase a bullet in gold? If he got electrocuted, would you dress electric chairs in the finest garlands and let kings reign from there? If he got the death jab, would you pray for your daily injection of faith? they played us for absolute fools


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