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  • 5 months without home internet (24 Feb - 24 Jul) - Final Update

    Ok I'm done. During the week I'll ask neighbors to share Wifi. I can't escape the Web, but I've stopped the consumption of insiduous shit like Twitter, manga, 4chan, podcasts, casual Youtube browsing, streams, long web essays.

    Some stuff remained the same -forums, substack-, hopefully I won't go back to the mean, as I really don't have more chances left. Bless this place.
    4 months without home internet - 24 Jun:
    Some screenshots of my phone usage. It might seem a lot but bear in mind I have free 500mb each night to download series/books/music.

    Started using Android Hotspot to get Wifi in my desktop. Used it to upload videos to Streamable and check online banking. Make sure to set the hotspot Wifi as "Metered Connection" otherwise the OS will suck up all your mobile data as it happened to me the first night.

    Some pictures of the stats show I still spend a lot on the browser. Days with 5 hours of screentime, just today it appears like I've opened the browser 68 times, wtf, does this count how many times I change between contexts?. There are chrome extensions that report detailed browsing history stats, I'll start using them from now on.

    Besides times I've catched myself opening the phone in my room, I still browse the forum outside the apartment. With the cold as shit days I'm starting going to the rooftop instead of the park.


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    Porn: I've entered some Paraguayan escort sites as I'm entertaining ideas of moving there. Also watched some girl shaking her ass and showing tits in a scene in Under Siege with Steven Seagal (movie sucked).

    Haven't watched Twitter, Manga, nor youtube (unless I need to see a tutorial or something). Music I download from ytmp3 and all video media from what I can scrap from archive.org. I don't torrent stuff.


    It irks me being so dependant on the phone as now I use it everytime I need to check something while before I opened a tab in desktop. I'm in dire need for a notebook (or a NUC). My PC is 10+ years old and fast enough to do video edition without problems, there must be pen drive sized PCs with the same performance at this point.


    View: https://streamable.com/3ryf4z
    Here's me doing some extremely shitty sclerotic form -but better than nothing- deadlifts with dumbells (2x35kg). Most of my exercise is in the better than nothing category now, specially with the winter here.

    It's hard to do deadlifts with dumbells. I wonder if my neighboors can hear the Paradise Kiss OP -which I listen frequently during exercise, along with other shitty anime songs- through my headphones.

    View: https://streamable.com/jhrtbq
    Here's some shitty "makiwara practice" I did last month using a wet pulp wood broken desk table.

    I also found a used tire which I use putting myself close to a wall with the tire sandwiched in my torso and punching it from the sides to practice stomach punches, it's not that easy to do your wrist twists to the sides so the practice is useful

    Now it's too cold and I can't make myself do exercise.
    I'm going back from the park as I'm pissing myself when I got this thought.

    What if things that we consider worst than death are common to most of men.
    I'll start putting my phone posted bitching in spoiler tags.

    Didn't download MacGyver yesterday, found a way of reading in my PC from my mattress. I just zoom 4x the pdf and I go to bed with my wireless mouse and scroll from there. Kept reading The Book of the New Sun which is really fucking slow, but nice.

    I have a cold sore in my tongue after biting it, look at that shit, look at that. Makes me salivate like a xenomorph. Raped by cold sores all my life.


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    It's 23:28 here I'm on the rooftop...there's some soccer game on...people scream gooool from the windows...

    I downloaded Lethal Weapon 1 while on my parents house. It was a pretty mediocre action flick, the sequel too...

    Showered and shaved my balls.

    At 00:00 I'll have 500mb...maybe I'll download MacGyver.

    I'm so fucking boring. So fucking boring of all.
    It's no use being bored in a world this interesting. Shave your balls with something sharper next time, it will be a lot more fun.
    No plans to change your lifestyle? This country is big and there's a lot to be done
    lain is here
    lain is here
    Haven't watched Lethal Weapon 1, but I found Lethal Weapon 2 to be incredibly overrated. But then again, I hate most typical Hollywood movies
    I'm about to try haggling for a discount in my health insurance. Im on a park right now. I have been postponing this for months because it feels slimy to do and never tried with healthcare (just with internet services).

    EDIT: Also someone did a macumba in my apt building, can't figure what it is.


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    On this day,

    Someone will finally quit his job to do his own thing, feel that exciting sensation of incertitude.

    Someone will retire, someone will become a millionare, someone will lose it all.

    Someone will lose their virginity today, they don't know it yet.

    Someone will get cheated on -lots of people-, but then someone will find out.

    Someone very very ugly will seduce and fuck a willingly beautiful girl. Millions of obese women will get fucked.

    Someone will get revenge on someone else, the whole plan being to fruition in the upcoming hours.

    Someone will die, and will be greeted by sweet non-existance...or else. Someone will be born.

    And for someone out there, today- maybe now- things will suddenly click, the path that lays for them maybe for the rest of their lives will be shown. Maybe just a concrete thing, or maybe something abstract, like a sensation, a whisper of what has to be done.

    This is the most memorable day of someone out there. This shitty cloudy thursday.
    dI'm on the plaza downloading a Miami Vice episode, one House M.D. season 2 episode and Lethal Weapon 2, all from archive.org (it has become a piracy haven for now).

    The episodes are almost downloaded but the movie is 872mb, not gonna make it I guess.
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    Ok it's 600mb now, it's going really fast, It's cold but not pissing myself yet.

    I think I'll get to download it. Have a homemade bread "leudating" in the oven it'll be a nice movie nig

    Edit: ok it's done time to head back have a great night.
    I'm still scavenging my parents home.

    I'm binging Love Death + robots. I've dismissed because I thought it was another cyber lesbian magenta Arcane bullshit but it's good.

    I couldn't help but notice 3D animation has gone past the uncanny valley. Now it has more suspension of disbelief even than having a real actor with a green screen.
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    Glad you like it. It sucks that the most animated shows produced these days in the west are Family Guy wanabes(Cancelled after 1-2 seasons) and Toddler-level stuff with cgi. Is a piece of art compared to that kind of stuff. Same for indepedent youtube creators(I exclude story of my life bs)
    can you name a few cyber lesbian magenta Arcane bullshit? Thats exacly what i search for and i am low on supply.
    Usually once or twice a month my parents leave their house so I come here a couple hours to "watch the cats".

    I'm alone eating all the fridge, chain-drinking coffee and watching netflix since 6hs ago while f5 this forum. I'm stuffing myself like caligula it's heaven.
    3 months without home internet (since Feb 24th):

    Haven't read twitter besides blogpost embeds. Haven't read manga. Watched some Evangelion episodes and The Legend of Galatic Boredom.

    I want to read Okaeri Alice but I don't want to enter a manga portal, Can someone spoil it for me? It's about a highschool kid sort-of falling in love with his tranny childhood friend. Has it ended? is he a trap also now?, I don't want to get hooked with "ongoing" shit.

    Haven't watch porn since 6 months. Downloaded a Simon Walden 600+ Nude Poses: A Complete Reference Book for Photographers, Models and ...pdf to practice drawing, but it doesn't turn me on. Sometimes memories of porn clips play in my head but I feel I'm forgetting how a blowjob looks like.
    I go to the park twice a day, and drink washedout mate cocido while f5 this forum and some substacks. Make an effort to ignore women in the street. Like the SlenderMan game, I look down/to the side while feeling an increasing static noise.

    Download shitty series from archive.org. Mostly read books, might update in the literary thread. I don't want to review things.
    My mother is starting to realize I don't plan to work nor look for a job. She is cheerfully nudging me like a Human Resources manager of life. I'm on a park bench now, downloading ALF episodes.

    I clean shaved my head a week ago, it grows without enough density so you can see my scalp even with 1cm of hair.

    My neck is rashed and full of big scabs because of seborreic dermatitis that is eating my face and because I shaved with a shitty overused razor. It looked like my neck was sugar glazed at some point.

    My nasolabial folds are starting to show. I look like chudjak. Billions must die indeed.

    Also got some pimples in my forehead. Scratched them until they leave permanent brown marks. My face is full of spots now.

    I'm downloading ALF.
    Tales of argie poverty part 1

    I went to the mayorista (provider stores for bars and bakeries) and bought a 25kg bag of flour (~50 pounds).

    It costs me $2950 pesos (about 8 dollars).

    2 months ago it was $2200 pesos and a better brand.

    This is the 2nd time I buy it, you can eat bread and tortas fritas with this for about 2 1/2 months.

    I need to buy yeast also but my 500g bag still has enough.


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    The bedframe I spent all night waiting to sell. When the sun came up I noticed two big, yellow, not-necessarily dry cum stains at the sides 2 hours before pickup.

    Spent until an hour ago crimescene cleaning with baking soda and vinegar.

    The guy's employee came to pick it up and I'm now waiting for this wonky nosed italo argentine stereotype and probably his wife to call and berate me.

    Praying to Marie Kondo. Marie...is that your real name you bony assed neurotic bitch I probably made those stains fapping to you now protect me with your guidance of cleaning and removing furniture out your house. It's an expensive bedframe, I need the money LET THEM KEEP IT.
    Ok I have a request to make, can someone spoil me the manga Okaeri Alice/Welcome Back Alice (by Oshimi Shuzo).

    I want to know how it went, I refuse to enter a manga portal, or to read manga altogether. Last time I've checked (february), the protagonist was about to over-dramatically cut his dick off with a box cutter.
    4:0am. Sprinklers, dog, hobo. Or I would guess at least, since I'm pretyping this at home before walking to the plaza.

    Been waking at 19:00pm for a week. I need to keep awake until noon to sell my queen bed frame. Have it on marketplace for months but it seems this time someone is really taking it. Took a modafinil* that a friend spared me a while ago to keep awake.

    Been reading some chapters of The Shadow of the Torturer for 2nd time (not because I like it, read it once and forgot it entirely). Written by Gene Wolfe, the guy who invented Pringles chips.

    Also watching some House M.D episodes. It didn't age well. Extremely formulaic, and the dialogue is infuriating fast paced medical garble. Also it's produced by Bryan Singer and the first episodes are chock full of Epstein-ed Mancebo kids. Still Hugh Laurie smashes it with his witty edgy character, I think he came to Argentina on a tour playing his shitty piano at the height of the series.
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