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    Bloodborne PS1 Demake

    love the ps1 graphics revival thing that's been going on, hopefully this project doesn't get the legal smackdown
  2. reQverb

    Obscure Gaming Consoles

    i remember having the shitty tiger rip off of the virtual boy, the R Zone. it was pretty terrible
  3. reQverb

    Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 Nostalgia General

    surfing around everyon's weird geocities and angelfire creations is my favorite memory of it. all the shitty sparkly gifs, and random odd content.
  4. reQverb

    What other types of music are yall into?

    i absolutely dig, jungle/dnb/black metal
  5. reQverb

    February 2021 Music Artists Thread

    hello everyone, i've been away from the scene for quite a bit, but have missed it. Decided to get back into production and uploaded this today: View: https://soundcloud.com/reqverb/avenue7
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    Bombshell: Epstein Killed by Unnamed 2nd Cellmate

    everything about this, is so fucking sketchy
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    Favorite Video Game(s)?

    I play a lot of roguelikes. nethack, dwarf fortress. a little bit of dark souls. picked up jupiter hell, which is a doom roguelike, been enjoyin that one quite a bit.
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    August 2019 Music Producers Thread

    https://soundcloud.com/reqverb/hawthorne Keeping it glitch with some jazzy vapor
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    July 2019 Music Producers Thread

    Another fun glitch track I managed to finish up this week <3 https://soundcloud.com/reqverb/division
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    What's your favorite old computer game?

    Well, old is subjective. but if the sims are old then i'm a dino at this point :P
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    Article 13: The EU voted for #Filternet

    yeah, i don't think it's as black and white as being able to rank the freedoms as far as tech goes. there is so much spying on consumers that we're all equally fucked as far as privacy goes. There are things we can to do give ourselves a little edge on privacy, but even that isn't 100%...
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    100% ElectroniCON and GROOVE HORIZONS Vaporwave/Futurefunk shows this summer!

    i wanted to get in on this so bad, especially after hearing about the afterparty. sadly a career change has me locked down too far west to able to attend. bummer
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    Article 13: The EU voted for #Filternet

    I'm glad this isn't something in the US yet, but with how things are going i wouldn't be surprised. as someone working in the cybersecurity sector, i definitely have my eye on this :/
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    July 2019 Music Producers Thread

    https://soundcloud.com/reqverb/fawn-lane Glitchy vaporwave beat goodness <3
  15. reQverb

    July 2019 Music Producers Thread

    loved the cronchy basslines on m/s wonder cruises, real classic sounding and comfy.
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