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  1. AnanaSUPREME

    Comment by 'AnanaSUPREME' in media 'gold buddha phone.jpg'

    It's ridiculous and I love it :CRYLAUGH:
  2. AnanaSUPREME

    Accidental find: Virtual World Analysis by Homeland Security

    This is something I had no intention on finding, but the information is very interesting considering how many virtual worlds have dropped dead the decade after this was written.
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  4. AnanaSUPREME

    Video game shopping malls

    How about a game that takes place in a mall
  5. AnanaSUPREME

    Favorite Video Game(s)?

    In no particular order: Tron 2.0 I love Tron and there aren't enough games for this franchise out there. Lost Vikings Out of all the SNES games I had, this was the one which stood out to me the most for it's scifi/fantasy theme mix. Portal this was the first "HD" game I had ever played in...
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  9. AnanaSUPREME

    May 2021 Music Artist Thread

    this is what I am gonna sample through multiple tracks. This one just happens to use Win95-XP sounds for the instruments.
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  13. AnanaSUPREME

    May 2021 Music Artist Thread

    I am brainstorming some tracks for a new EP using the chinese toy phone samples, here's a prototype
  14. AnanaSUPREME

    Reveal something totally unexpected about yourself

    This used to be me for years, I also didn't have body odor until I was 19 :confusedMikasa:
  15. AnanaSUPREME

    Thoughts/theories on aliens?

    Given how unquantifiable the size of the universe is, it's selfish to say that aliens aren't real. However, most of the alien propaganda we see on mainstream media perpetuates the idea that they cannot be anything other than cruel overlords mimicking Columbian era terrors on a wider scale...
  16. AnanaSUPREME

    Normcore just screams straight pride energy (︶^︶)

    Normcore just screams straight pride energy (︶^︶)
  17. AnanaSUPREME

    We got put on a video by a popular youtuber!

  18. AnanaSUPREME

    Retro Phone Thread

    This was my first phone and I still have no idea why don't even have it anymore.
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  20. AnanaSUPREME

    The media is talking about UFOs...

    Oh shit :WojakNPC::CRYLAUGH:
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