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  1. AnanaSUPREME

    Accidental find: Virtual World Analysis by Homeland Security

    This is something I had no intention on finding, but the information is very interesting considering how many virtual worlds have dropped dead the decade after this was written.
  2. AnanaSUPREME

    The media is talking about UFOs...

    So the media has been demonizing UFO sightings as conspiracies for decades and now that there's a lot of dirt to hide because of the pandemic I have seen at least 3 reports recommended to me between videos and news articles. It's not just the small, independent news source covering this... It's...
  3. AnanaSUPREME

    An independent music awards ceremony?

    I know, I know.... That's super fucking pretentious... But... READ ME OUT! We always come back to the time of year when everyone is upset that the Grammys are full of shit in terms of who is chosen for the awards. What most people don't realize is that the entire purpose of the Grammys is to...
  4. AnanaSUPREME

    New #V2k release out! ᴷⁱʷⁱ.ᴮᴬᵀ

    View: https://ananasupreme.bandcamp.com/album/- It's a bit of an armstretcher but I feel happy about it.
  5. AnanaSUPREME

    The death of the MMOSG genre

    :oops:During the early days of the internet, the participating public was fascinated by the idea of interacting with people all over the world. One such genre of games that facilitated the communication between users was the MultiUser Dungeons, where with lines of text [and a lot of wasted paper...
  6. AnanaSUPREME

    Copyright law goes against human nature...

    Ok, how? Before the days where we began to preserve media in physical form, all the music and stories we knew were all spread by word of mouth. Obviously this meant that many populations were segmented over what ideas they were exposed to, but they were all free to regurgitate all the songs and...
  7. AnanaSUPREME

    The rules of Latinwave

    Back when I began to create Vaporwave in the year 2016 as π_ROL, I was looking for anyone who would help me share my latest creation at the time. I asked around and I was told of a small Net Label called Latinwave that had started it's existence just a few months ago. After chit-chatting with...
  8. AnanaSUPREME

    Does anyone know of any label (that isn't Power Lunch) that makes cassette releases?

    I wanna get back in the game but I wanna know what's changed in terms of distribution. I have already had a one sided partnership with Power Lunch and tbh it really left me sour.
  9. AnanaSUPREME

    Let's talk about the #Seapunk tag, please.

    Hi, I haven't been too active with this account due to reasons but I have been observing the irresponsible use the community has had with the #Seapunk tag. What do I mean by irresponsible? By this I mean that none of you are creating Seapunk related content, using a tag that is unrelated to...
  10. AnanaSUPREME

    New Album by BloomSTRAD available through Caribbean Ventures LLC

    8) https://caribbeanventuresllc.bandcamp.com/album/21-4445 8)
  11. AnanaSUPREME

    BloomSTRAD- Born To Die

    http://bloomstrad.bandcamp.com/album/- Made it with the intention to fill gap because I always release something on my birthday. It's equalized in a manner you can play this in loudspeakers and the volume will be constant :D
  12. AnanaSUPREME


    Hey, uhm, I don't know about any of you but I have been having trouble fitting most of my Vaporwave into the established sub genres. I sample music after 1995 and am not too keen to make things ambient, because I know there are many people are close on the same boat with sample choices I was...
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