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  1. Catskill

    Tropical / Summer Themed Vaporwave Albums or Artists?

    These are great albums, thank you for the recommendation.
  2. Catskill

    Strange Telephone Calls

    Yh I could hear what she said in the last conversation but not what I said, and on her side it was just nothing, she couldn't hear anything but it did ring through her phone like any other call. I found out the reason near the time but couldn't find the answers when I just looked it up. The...
  3. Catskill

    Glad it's not only me that has weird dreams like this. Are the words on the pic what you...

    Glad it's not only me that has weird dreams like this. Are the words on the pic what you experienced in the dream or just random ones for flavour text?
  4. Catskill

    Strange Telephone Calls

    When I was working in Canada and called my wife in the UK, sometimes I used to talk to her for about 5 minutes then the call would cut out and when I redialed it would repeat the last conversation we had but only what she said. Not really paranormal..but creepy none the less. When it first...
  5. Catskill

    What upcoming Video Games are you looking forward to?

    Elden Ring, FF XVI is Atomic Heart vaporware at this point?
  6. Catskill

    Welcome back dude :pepeDS:

    Welcome back dude :pepeDS:
  7. Catskill

    The world is changing. Radically. And I don't know where it's going to end.

    We only have a few years tops to change the course. In 2030, society will either be horrendously enslaved or we will have our freedom and working towards a better world. Brainwashing the hordes is not hard... it's easy, I could do it to the smoothbrains I know very easily without even introducing...
  8. Catskill

    What is your favourite controller?

    Good choices, I have never really been a fan of the side-by-side analogue dual shocks until the Dualsense. I do actually like the 360 controllers design but has its quality issues, the switch pro controller is a much better example of that style though.
  9. Catskill

    Most Believable Cryptid?

    Spoopy... the pic I mean
  10. Catskill

    Post Video Game Music

    I would love to direct you to this lovely lady's channel. She does some beautiful covers that never fail to move me to tears. View: https://youtu.be/nks5xKOD70o
  11. Catskill

    Ask a Question Thread

    Not CERN in particular, but definitely feels like we are in a completely different world than when I was young. The 9/11 ritual apparently caused us to shift into a darker reality and no doubt they have done it again sooner than that. My question would be... why doesn't the moon rotate?
  12. Catskill

    Most Believable Cryptid?

    I think that there is a bit of truth to most of them... apart from your standard Yeti types.. Wendigo's and Chupacabra's seem legit and seem have the best eye witness accounts. So many reports of large, horned beasts in mountainous regions. I don't think they are fully physical beings though and...
  13. Catskill

    Agora Road T-shirt Thread(Review Inside)

    Just ordered mine. Went for a premium one so shall do a little review for it too.
  14. Catskill

    Agora Road T-shirt Thread(Review Inside)

    Nice thread, I will stop being a cheap ass bitch and buy one too. I think the Pepsi design is the best looking but not sure which colour yet.
  15. Catskill

    Does your interest in vaporwave influence how you dress?

    I've always been attracted to colourful clothing and patterns so I haven't changed up anything really... I'll get an Agora Road shirt though
  16. Catskill

    80's and 90's Anime art style

    Couldn't of said it any better.. the organic feel of the hand drawn stuff gives it that whole new layer. It makes sense if you subscribe to the belief that personal energy is transferred into the mediums we produce and that the energy transfer isn't as strong when computers are heavily involved.
  17. Catskill

    80's and 90's Anime art style

    Yh now I think about it I did watch a lot of DBZ and Sailor Moon with my sister as a kid. The SG and Ni-No-Kuni style is great but I didn't watch any of them back in the day. MHA is a bit too mainstream for me lol but I thought the same about One Punch Man until I actually watched it and that's...
  18. Catskill

    80's and 90's Anime art style

    I have to admit that I didn't get into Anime until around 2012 and shouldn't have nostalgia for older Anime (except maybe Pokèmon and Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid) but for whatever reason, the colourful artwork and the organic feel still brings about nostalgia non the less. What do you guys think? Does...
  19. Catskill

    Schizo wjoak meme

    @IlluminatiPirate have you seen the Elan School webcomics? https://elan.school/ If not, I highly recommend them.. it's a wild ride
  20. Catskill

    7 year old post predicts UFO disclosure and alien contact in 2021?

    @IlluminatiPirate I can't shake the accuracy of the prediction in line with the "disclosure" that the pentagon are releasing. I personally don't subscribe to the currently accepted space model and believe that the UFO's are terrestrial and from either an unknown (to us) part of Earth or from...
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