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  1. Kommando

    [MEDIA] View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuGvVJhhedE

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuGvVJhhedE
  2. Kommando

    Attention everyone

    I was there when he said this, everyone was quiet for 10 minutes. Then he said it again and everyone was quiet for 20 minutes. After 30 more minutes had passed everyone stood up and a rupturous applause commenced for 60 minutes.
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  4. Kommando

    Most Believable Cryptid?

    Not thirsty, lad. Don't think I'll be drinking any time soon either.
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  7. Kommando

    Most Believable Cryptid?

    Where else will I dispose my car batteries?
  8. Kommando

    I love early history

    It's before detailed records of history that fill in the blanks but after obscura and speculation so we know it happened, and cultures that while still similar to what would come a hundred years after it ended were more "down-to-earth" and relatively began.
  9. Kommando

    What is your favourite controller?

    DualShock 1-3, NES controller, Dreamcast controller, and Xbone's for their visual appearance. The X360's D-pad is spongy and the triggers somewhat mushy, it's probably well-liked because it was one of the view controllers that natively run with PC games and people got used to it.
  10. Kommando

    Comment by 'Kommando' in media 'Happy Killdozer Day'

    The last American folk hero.
  11. Kommando

    What is your favourite controller?

    This one.
  12. bo lapple teeth.png

    bo lapple teeth.png

  13. Kommando

    South Korea's Cult of the Elite That Everybody Forgot About...

    People tuned it out because they refused to believe a shadow government could exist and don't want to look at their own governments in turn, and have also been licked to trust it, specifically democracy, too and dismiss any string-pulling as conspiracy theory especially when this shadow...
  14. Kommando

    Where does your interest in retro things come from?

    Same. It was a unique zeitgeist of optimism and color in art, fashion and architecture I didn't get to fully experience and today's pop culture is safe and unexistent. The world was also bigger because we didn't have easily accessible information on it so there was a lot to wonder about and...
  15. Kommando

    Dreamcast and Y2K Game Aesthetics

    The Dreamcast was the last console that made games with arcade philosophy while the rest of the 6th generation transitioned to making games fleshed out and longer. It also wasn't the first console to do online play or have a dashboard, it was Meganet for the Genesis which was only released in...
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  17. Sega NetLink mouse.jpg

    Sega NetLink mouse.jpg

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    Sega NetLink.jpg

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    Sega Channel.png

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