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  1. sicsicksicks

    The world is changing. Radically. And I don't know where it's going to end.

    I think that "dark ages" in human history are inevitable and basically part of the natural process. If youre from a "western aligned" country (ie the USA and it's satellites) we just had a golden age and are going back into strife. This is not doom and gloom literal armageddon this is just a...
  2. sicsicksicks

    Most Believable Cryptid?

    I'd have to say bigfoot/sasquatch. I live right next to the mountainous woods and there are indeed very hard to reach untouched places up in the mountains where few humans have traveled. Its not impossible that there are species living there that have not been definitively discovered especially...
  3. sicsicksicks

    Ask a Question Thread

    It does just not from Earth's perspective. Officially Earth's gravity keeps the moon rotating at a rate where the same side of the moon keeps facing towards Earth. Unofficially we live in the weirdest place in the known universe where atoms have been arranged into self aware beings and our...
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  6. sicsicksicks

    Bohemian Grove

    Looks like eyes wide shut type stuff. Even if it turns out to be totally innocent and just a stupid LARP thats the impression it gives off. I wonder if part of the point in itself is to look intimidating and mysterious for its own sake though. Why is it called "Bohemian" though? Seems like an...
  7. sicsicksicks

    Does your interest in vaporwave influence how you dress?

    For better or worse I have not cared about how I dress for quite awhile unless I have a specific context to do so like socializing especially with people I dont know all that well which hasnt happened for over a year. Cheap, comfortable shirts and pants that I wouldnt care about ruining are...
  8. sicsicksicks

    Where does your interest in retro things come from?

    It started with me being interested in the older nintendo games. I wanted to play the previous games after I had played the then current ones on the DS and and there was a NES for $5 at the local second hand shop so I thought why not? I appreciate a lot of it from an artistic perspective so to...
  9. sicsicksicks

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all. I decided at a sort of spur of the moment to go by sicsicksicks here. I have never been consistent with my usernames. I live somewhere in the vast, mountainous, and mysterious land of British Columbia and I grew up on the internet the existence and nature of which has fascinated me in...
  10. sicsicksicks

    Wildernes/self-sufficent living ?

    I would say the best place to start would be learn how to navigate the land without technology or at least not anything that requires a source of power. Practicing this by actually getting into the bush will also double as a way to get comfortable with being there. Despite having lived near the...
  11. sicsicksicks

    The internet feels smaller than it used to be.

    A lot of it simply comes down to money. Massive corporate social media sites make profit and pay wages while sites like this by and large dont. I dont think this vertical monopolization will be necessarily permanent. These big sites are starting to feel boring like TV. By its very nature the...
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