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  1. ZinRicky

    What are some free online resources people barely use?

    If it isn't on Deezer / Qobuz / Tidal, then acquiring a lossless copy of it may be non-trivial
  2. ZinRicky

    Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism

    I think it is, because your brain isn't wired to deal with more than ~30 people at once. Past that point, you just change your own behaviour, especially online. Now I'm not saying that there should be any hard caps on usergroups' numbers, but any sysadmin / moderator must take this into account...
  3. ZinRicky

    How to be as annoying as possible?

    Abuse certain words / periphrasis; things such as «like», «uhm...», «do you get it?» are the simplest I can think of. Bonus points if they mean nothing or add nothing to the conversation. Change voice pitch frequently for no reason. Remark with your voice, actions and words the most boring and...
  4. ZinRicky

    How do i make people not go to me for simple file things

    There was a time people like those would be taken to the corn fields or to a factory
  5. ZinRicky

    have you ever bought anything from Vapor95?

    I bought one of their t-shirts, and the over-all quality is okay. But I don't recommend them if you don't live in the US, as the prices skyrocket as soon as you have to factor import taxes
  6. ZinRicky

    NFTs Get Cucked

    The author gave a handy PDF link if anyone prefers. And it's even on Archive Today.
  7. ZinRicky

    Do people actually use this forum as a vaporwave forum?

    I joined because of vaporwave; I stayed because there is a lot more
  8. ZinRicky

    Comment by 'ZinRicky' in media '20220430_171646.jpg'

    I'm an idiot, that was obvious. Five years of studying ancient Greek wasted.
  9. ZinRicky

    Comment by 'ZinRicky' in media '20220430_171646.jpg'

    Agora Way / Agora Street?
  10. ZinRicky

    Currently Listening To

    View: https://open.spotify.com/album/0vkaVDedeRrdWRpVaefbKsView: https://open.spotify.com/album/4medk5UXHb4cLGZnQmRkoFI discovered a new method for finding interesting music: open Qobuz shop and look for "electronic"
  11. ZinRicky

    Agora Road Pen Pals / General Handwriting Thread

    I think it's way more efficient to choose the second option, even if everybody sticks to a single person in the end. Back in the day, the teen magazines had a page with a list of "need pen pal, send me a letter" and anyone could write – my parents received dozens of letters with this method
  12. ZinRicky

    Agora Road Pen Pals / General Handwriting Thread

    I've just checked Poste Italiane's fee. 100€ / year is quite a bit of money, to be honest
  13. ZinRicky

    Are RTS games fully dead? or is it a genre on life support.

    I'm quite into AOE2 and (when I could play it on Xbox Game Pass) AOE4. On Steam those games have dozens of thousands of players daily, so they aren't dead. A similar story can be told for Civ. If you're looking for more variety, however, I think they don't reward the average player enough and...
  14. ZinRicky

    Currently Listening To

    I missed their concert because I had no clue they were performing next to me until the next day. My uncle went listening to them and he said it was stellarView: https://open.spotify.com/album/4WhBN2WPPxAU5M5Tpw56PL
  15. ZinRicky

    So you decided to make your own website: where do you start?

    You can go to https://porkbun.com/products/domains or https://www.namecheap.com/domains/explore-new-tlds/ for example. You purchase a TLD and set your infrastructure accordingly
  16. ZinRicky

    What is your opinion on Vaporwar/War Aesthetics.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTHw0HiNfjUWell...
  17. ZinRicky

    Which themes or genres are getting ignored in games?

    The trailer of the second game didn't catch me, unfortunately
  18. ZinRicky

    Currently Listening To

    View: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ijMfK5xwJTDdeyJp72mPM
  19. ZinRicky

    Which themes or genres are getting ignored in games?

    I'd love to find a new RTS game (and I mean a new IP, not Age of Empires 25 or Civ LVI) that doesn't feel old or simplistic