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  2. 0ur0b0r0s

    3D art thread

    when linux port, senpai????
  3. 0ur0b0r0s

    Iceberg Charts

    >lego fbi yes.
  4. 0ur0b0r0s

    Do you guys read?

    shadow and claw is in my queue
  5. 0ur0b0r0s

    NFTs Get Cucked

    I believe that these NFTs that go for tens of thousands of dollars are bought by whales that already have a ton of crypto. In this light, and in most cases I'm sure, it's really just an investment in a different type of asset that people believe will appreciate in the crypto space, so to speak...
  6. 0ur0b0r0s

    roe v wade overturn leak

    :agcry: time and time again its proven true
  7. 0ur0b0r0s

    What's your favorite kind of cheese?

    Incredible thread. I'm still trying out different cheeses but Brie, Gouda, and Cheddar are all good. Parmesan is great too.
  8. 0ur0b0r0s

    Department of Homeland Security creates board to counter online "disinformation"

    "Ministry of Truth" heh It's nice to have something to point back to that most people recognize to identify seemingly-novel (and dystopian) developments. Also: these globalists and their boards amirite??? :LaughHard:
  9. 0ur0b0r0s

    Tell me the truth

    No one is gangstalking you SSS hahahahahaha
  10. 0ur0b0r0s

    A thought I had about the holy trinity

    I may have a pretty simple answer to this from a traditional Christian perspective. I don't really know where I stand with aliens (tend to lean against it but have not dispelled the possibility), but that shouldnt affect the answer really. The idea that Christ was the son of God but also man...
  11. 0ur0b0r0s

    CRINGE THREAD post funny and horridly awkward vids!

    the guy pacing looked around after they had largely fallen out of sight. He must have had a twilight zone moment
  12. 0ur0b0r0s

    R*ddit Cringe

    "The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call "feelings of inferiority" and "oversocialization." Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this...
  13. 0ur0b0r0s

    R*ddit Cringe

    Both these opinions are correct :gigachad:
  14. 0ur0b0r0s

    R*ddit Cringe

    Unreal DKFail
  15. 0ur0b0r0s

    Will Elon buy Twitter?

    whoops sorry haven't visited here for a bit. Thanks!
  16. 0ur0b0r0s

    Will Elon buy Twitter?

    If he does, what happens?? It is hard enough to read Elon, but will he actually make Twitter (+ it's algorithms) reasonably supportive of different opinions and forms of free speech if he buys it? Or are his motives less noble?
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  18. 0ur0b0r0s

    What's the weirdest internet forum you've ever stumbled upon?

    " A Herbivore Is Incapable Of Allowing Meat To Enter Mouth O He, A Piece Of Meat Stance, The Meat Is Divide By Its Atoms, The Atoms Art Dissolved In Tuns Of Water Equivalent To That Of The Meat Atoms, The Binding Atoms Indistinct, The Water Is Wholly Drunk, Didst The Being Digest...