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  1. Thermite

    Punk Rock

    This is the punk rock thread. Post your favorite albums, songs, etc., in regards to all things punk rock. We all need to express ourselves somehow.
  2. Thermite

    Baby Hitler

    Here's an age old question: "if you could go back in time, would you kill baby hitler?"Leave your answer followed by your reason.
  3. Thermite

    Nostalgic Youtube

    ITT: YouTube videos you're nostalgic for.View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0D4oZwCsA
  4. Thermite

    hakr-man thread

    post hakr-man memes. the more aesthetic the better
  5. Thermite

    Commie vibes

    ITT: Post commie vibes. Laborwave, Sovietwave, or general leftist aesthetics. You don't need to be a communist to post, but dont post fascist shit.Show us some aesthetic commie shit.
  6. Thermite

    Conflict of Interest

    There is an implicit conflict of interest on agora road. Admins/mods want to grow the user base, but the premise of the site is that it is "the best kept secret". If Agora Road is to stay the best kept secret, then promoting the site is in conflict with the site's purpose. If growing the user...
  7. Thermite

    JStark's Playlist

    So incase you didn't know who JStark was he was a member of the freedom dispensed network. Basically these are the guys obsessively perfecting 3d printed guns, and spreading the schematics far and wide, for free.Jake Hanrahan, a famous conflict journalist who had a falling out with Vice and...
  8. Thermite

    The Future of Computing

    Recently, quantum computability has made great strides. Is the future truely quantum? or is this an academic's fantasy?
  9. Thermite

    Ethics of the Road

    Branching off from a conversation about morals and politics in chat, In this thread, we talk about moral and political philosophy. can you be ethical without reliigon? is left or right wing politics more ethical? is nihilism the only way forward?discuss
  10. Thermite

    Games that Deserve a reboot, squeal, etc.

  11. Thermite

    Navajo and Bitocin Mining

    What are everyone's thoughts on the Navajo Nation's Bitcoin mining operation? There's been a bit of debate surrounding it as of late. some reading: https://www.vice.com/en/article/88ga8g/financial-colonialism-a-bitcoin-mine-in-navajo-nation-flares-tensions...
  12. Thermite

    Shirt Logo

    Quick question
  13. Thermite

    Non-Vaporwave wave

    Obviously this is a vaporwave board, but there's more to the vibe than just vaporwave. nonvaporave wave general
  14. Thermite

    Movies, TV shows, Motion Pictures

    It seems odd that there's no categories for visual mediums like movies. In the list of forums, there's no section for movies or tv shows, but there is for video games and cassettes. Vaporwave is supposed to be about nostalgia for vintage tech, but there's nothing for VHS, DVDs, or Blue rays. Is...
  15. Thermite

    Aesthetic Preferences

    What are you aesthetic preferences?Obviously, there's a selection bias here, seeing as how this is a vaporwave site, but vaporwave not only has multiple sub genres, there are similar/contrasting aesthetics as well, such as Outrun. Cyberpunk is similar, and influential to vaporwave, but it is...