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  1. CognacDefender

    Apparently cursed painting

    https://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/32296767 I was shitposting on this thread before some guy posted a picture of a canvas with the painting facing away. He said it was painted by a guy who went on to apparently killed his girlfriend and himself. This guy also said that he had bought the...
  2. SomaSpice

    Opinions on 4chan and chan culture

    Its pretty obvious that many users here, me included, come originally from some sort of chan culture. I was wondering what's the opinion of the members of the agora regarding the infamous site, its Japanese parent, and their many offspring. By this point in my life I view chan culture with a...
  3. calico_jack

    /r9k/ type music (incelcore)

    Post your favorite /r9k/ music, literally me music/ some of that /wsg/ groove thread stuff is also welcome. ie: negative xp I wanted to highlight the rapper Chad Marco, you might have seen this song as its his most popular: Some others:
  4. Gondola Thread

    Post Gondolas here, I fucking love Gondolas What is a Gondola? Gondola was not a mistake. Gondolas are relaxed, harmless creatures that observe their environment. They rarely interfere anything, but just keep observing. They rarely talk, just look around and smile. This makes them very...
  5. ITT: We pretend this is a 2008 4chan thread

    OP is a fag.
  6. Mr. Bones' Wild Ride

    Today I bring a classic tale for the Halloween season: the story of the terrifying Mr. Bones Wild Ride. For those unacquainted, Mr. Bones' Wild Ride is a Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 ride that lasts over four years of in-game time, being over 30,696 foot, before dropping them off at a path that leads...
  7. Dub the Dew (or why to never let the internet name your products)

    In August of 2012, the fine people at PepsiCo held an online contest to decide the name of their new apple flavoured Mountain Dew. They held it in high hopes of receiving mature and sensible answers that could help them sell a decent product to the public, but this is the internet we are talking...
  8. Worrigals

    Worrigals Good evening, my last post received way more views than expected, statistics showing around 1.4K people had clicked on the article alone, which I find to be absurd. It's clear to me there are a fair amount of users and lurkers who enjoy these posts so tonight I bring you another /x/...
  9. Strange happenings in the Russian wildlife

    Not my story, it comes from an /x/ thread but I wanted to share it on here. Included are the original posts from the OP and added photos to help with the immersion. Hello /x/. After a lot of thinking, and a couple of drinks - I have finally decided to share some of my experiences. English is...
  10. IlluminatiPirate

    GuardAnon's Story of Survival of an Iraqi Blacksite (Jurassic park)

    I worked a prison in a remote area in southern Iraq miles from umm qasr. At the time I was there it detained 30k prisoners and an additional 3k that no one except people working there knew about. They'd put us in blacked out window commercial buses and drive us an hour away for days at a time to...
  11. Kronus

    What's your favorite threads on /x/?

    It's been a while since I've went on /x/ and I'm sort of bored so I was wondering what some good threads to look out for would be.
  12. IlluminatiPirate

    The Deb Prank: Dumb joke caused a person to go insane, an attempted suicide, and nearly killed someone

    /b/, I have a story It appears a stupid prank amongst co-workers gradually grew until my dumb idea for a joke caused a person to go insane, an attempted suicide, and nearly killed a completely innocent, oblivious pregnant woman. I'm going to tell this story, and for those of you interested, put...
  13. IlluminatiPirate

    Feels: Anon gives up his Anonymity to Share his Story (RIP Brandon)

    :peepoCryDrink:This one is from a feels thread that as long been forgotten on 4chan's /b/ board :peepoCryDrink: Hello /b/, I am throwing away my anonymity in front of you as I share you my story. My real name is Brandon and I come to you tonight to tell you a tale about THAT popular girl. Yes...
  14. IlluminatiPirate

    /fit/'s Legendary Ghost Puncher Story

    bchmmmmm This post was not written by me but an anonymous user from /fit/ bchmmmmm Whevs here's the story. It's fucking long but bear with me. >friend not in the story tells us about place to get palm readings >lifting buddy and I go to get palms read >show up to this shady ass place at 10 in...
  15. IlluminatiPirate

    The Tragic Spiral of My Life was Caused by a Single Missed Roll of Toilet Paper

    :MedTime: This post was not written by me but an anonymous user from 4chan :MedTime: > Me, 17. > At friend's house, playing video games and hanging out > Have to shit really bad > It's taco bell shits. > The kind that are really greasy, and takes forever to wipe > Like, 16 ft. of TP and...
  16. admin

    4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The African Quest 5/5

    Wife/daughter it is. I warn you now. This story does not have anything remotely resembling a happy ending. It is without any doubt one of the more depressing tales due to what this woman did to her only daughter. Get a call from the boss. He wants his best people at his office now for a job...
  17. admin

    4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The Guinness World Record 4/5

    I have a daughter story that involves sneaking into a world record *rgy attempt and pretending to be from the guinness book of records. Began normally. Daddy's little girl runs off with a lower class boyfriend. Discourage boyfriend and retrieve girl. Our merry band sets out with the fucking new...
  18. admin

    4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): Landwhales Vs Thailand Ladyboys 3/5

    This particular story involves a very fat young woman, a fat suit and an unfortunate rather small thai ladyboy. One day at the office, those rare days I'm there actually. Sat around talking shit with everyone playing retarded office games. Boss comes in with a new job. Usual story, rich guy's...
  19. admin

    4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): Literal Descent into Shit 2/5

    Ok then wife story time. Not the most complicated of stories but memorable for the shit involved. Click here for the daughter of the caribbean story (1/5) Told by the boss a client wants us to locate his wife. Has been missing for the better part of a month after taking out a f**kton of money...
  20. admin

    4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The Daughter of the Caribbean 1/5

    Fine. One story. But details regarding places and identities are removed because I don't want shit getting back to me. I mean client confidentiality was beyond insane. In some cases we'd get told it was fine to start a shootout with the cops if it was the only way to get away. A few times we...