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  1. nsequeira119

    Watching So-Called "Edgelord" Movies With A Nuanced View

    For at least the last decade, people have noticed a sort of trend in certain films- these sorts of films haven't come out in a while, but they all share a common plot structure and general sentiment, and therefore I and many others would argue that they can be categorized into a genre unto...
  2. It's Time for the Smart, Wisecracking 'Meta-Movie' to Die

    The new "Scream" sequel, "The Matrix Resurrections" and every Marvel film ever indulges in nudge-nudge moments of fan service now. (This is an article from vice. Proof that a broken clock is right twice a day.) Remember when being a nerd was uncool? If you were born in or after the 90s, the...
  3. PizzaW0lf

    Super Mario Odyssey VS. Sonic Frontiers

    FRICK IT!! We're going back to the early 90s!! Which way western man?
  4. №56

    The Mind's Eye & Imaginaria - 90s Computer Animation

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7bmz3iBRHc In 1990 Miramar Images released The Mind's Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey, the first full-length film to be 100% CGI. The film is a compilation of tech demos, promotional graphics, and other short sequences provided by computer animators from...
  5. kenetic.wav


    Hiii Everyone I randomly put this visual 2gether for 1 of my fav songs "Hit the Spot" by Surfing (@sssurfinggg). I hope they don't mind lol I just wanted to show my appreciation to their contribution to the vaporwave community! I hope y'all enjoy the video ! video link: View...
  6. kenetic.wav

    How far do y'all think social media will go?

    I know this is random but I am just inquiring on how far y'all think social media will go? In my opinion I feel it will always be here... however some apps may get "played out" or get old over time but it's in our human nature to want to connect with others so i don't think social media will...
  7. kenetic.wav

    C H R I $ T M A S.wav

    Good Evening, I know I am a day late but my blog post wouldn't get approved until today & technically speaking the holiday shenanigans are still going on until the new year begins. So why not play some mall soft. I ended up creating a blog post of my favorite top 10 Christmas MALLSOFT Vaporwave...
  8. Sweet n' Comfy

    The Random 90s Website Game

    Are you bored my fellow? Don't you worry for I have a great idea to brighten your day and bring great fun to it. Just look at this website my fellow, it's named Wiby.me: This is a "Search Engine for the Classic Web" as it's said there in the title, pretty self-explanatory; this search engine...
  9. MugiNism

    Do you like pop-up headlights on cars?

    I fucking love them and its sad that they will never make a comeback. Post your favorite car/cars with pop up headlights.
  10. IlluminatiPirate

    What do you think of vaporwave enthusiasts that never experienced the 80s/90s?

    With vaporwave being a recent genre in the grand scheme of things, it is logical that some people born in the 2000s, such as me, would discover and enjoy vaporwave. But at its core, vaporwave is a nostalgic genre, nostalgic for something we simply can't have nostalgia for. Do you think it...