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  1. paradox

    paradox - pastlife & dreamcast

    DOUBLE SIDE EP BABIEESSSS View: https://paradoxproductions.bandcamp.com/album/pastlife-dreamcast side a - pastlife i thought: i love vaporwave aesthetics. i really like the dark academia ones. why don't i merge them in an ep? i've also uploaded the visual on youtube: View...
  2. naa

    Retro Phone Thread

    Let's post about retro phones, feel free to share ads or just talk about old phones these scans are from Tajimax
  3. Sega64 - You Were on my Mind

    Sega64 - You Were on my Mind

    Sega64- You Were On My Mind
  4. 1995.BAT♒︎

    Anyone who's interested in photography?

    Anyone who's a photographer or likes photography? Does your love for vaporwave influence your style? Below there's a picture I took of a synthwave duet, the colors were inspired by vapor aesthetics (even tough it has more of a cyberpunkish vibe). Apart from nicely contrast colors, I also...
  5. vaporwavemaster1


    最近、私の好きなアメリカの漫画家、ニコラス・コミックスが、ローラーウェーブと呼ぶ美学についての記事を書きました。この美学は非常に理解しやすく、蒸気波とシンセ波の前の期間を扱います。カーター年。 https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Rollerwave...
  6. ElPepsi

    Between nostalgia and critique of capitalism, What's the Vaporwave ?

    Before I start spreading the subject of this article, I would like to thank Agora for giving me her trust, it is with pleasure that I will write this article about the Vaporwave. Thanks to the staff PePsIcAnpixeled First of all, what is Vaporwave? Musical genre (hard to define) and...
  7. tokyorat

    I just dropped my first synthwave album, looking for collaboration!

    Hey everyone, ;) Back here on the forum to let you know I just released my first album 'Edge of Tokyo' KaReNwInK I'd love to hear from others in this forum as well! Please share me your music / links. I am always looking for people to collaborate with as well. I'll leave my Bandcamp link here...
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