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  1. kenetic.wav

    MySPACE is back, I mean "spaceHEY"

    If you sent into y2k era than this post isn't for you hahah .Y2k is officially back. well at least in my head it is lol.What is spacehey you ask? SpaceHey is a retro social network focused on privacy and customizability. It's a friendly place to have fun, meet friends, and be creative.In...
  2. Emmy Fitz

    Supergraphic Ultramodern - Aesthetic Highlight #13

    Evenin', my lovelies. Tonight we're going waaaaaaay back.Supergraphic Ultramodern (c. late 1960s-mid 1970s)Supergraphic Ultramodern is an incredibly influential aesthetic that was popular during the late 1960s and throughout the 70s. Notable for its curved look, rainbow colors, and overall...
  3. Username

    Optometrist aesthetic?

    I always found these hot air balloon eye test thingies to be really visually apealing for some reason. Do you guys remember these?If you have similar images please do post them.
  4. Emmy Fitz

    Curly Girly - Aesthetics Highlight #11

    I'm baaaack. Hopefully for realsies this time!Curly Girly (c. early-mid 2000s)Curly Girly was an aesthetic popular during the first half of the 2000s. It's characterized as an extremely feminine and whimsical style, usually seen in toy ads and stores targeted towards young girls...
  5. Emmy Fitz

    Googie and Lounge Revival - Aesthetic Highlight #10

    Hey y'all! Sorry for my absence lately, been busy with real life stuff. Hopefully I can get back to these weekly threads. Anyways:Googie and Lounge Revival (c. early to late 1990s)The Googie and Lounge Revival was a niche aesthetic from the '90s that was heavily inspired by 1950s and '60s...
  6. Emmy Fitz

    McBling - Aesthetic Highlight #9

    McBling (c. early-late 2000s)McBling is was an aesthetic from the 2000s, and one of the most popular and identifiable of the decade. A hard shift from late-90s minimalism, McBling is characterized by garishness, boujee, and excess. It was mostly seen in marketing, fashion, television promos...
  7. Emmy Fitz

    Corp. Grunge - Aesthetic Highlight #8

    Corp Grunge (c. early-late 1990s)Corp. grunge, or Grunge™, is an aesthetic that was popular throughout the 1990s. It was, in essence, the corporate reaction to grunge culture, and the mainstreamification of it. It was mostly seen in advertising, book covers, and music merchandising. It's...
  8. Emmy Fitz

    Vectorheart - Aesthetic Highlight #7

    Vectorheart (c. late 1990s-mid 2000s)Vectorheart is an aesthetic that was popular at the turn of the millennium until approximately 2006. It's notable for it's use of straight angles and neon colors, and was seen in fashion, television bumpers, album covers, and video games.This...
  9. Emmy Fitz

    Festival Marketplace - Aesthetic Highlight #6

    Festival Marketplace (c. late 1970s-mid 1980s)Festival marketplace was an aesthetic common in retail locations during the late 1970s through the end of the '80s. It's known for its warm colors and Midwestern feel, and was seen in malls, grocery stores, and other shopping outlets. It can...
  10. Emmy Fitz

    Superflat Pop - Aesthetic Highlight #5

    Superflat Pop (c. mid 2000s-early 2010s)Superflat Pop was a graphic design aesthetic popular from around 2006-2012, and was seen in fashion, advertisements, and other various mediums. Originally popularized by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, it's neon look began to be replicated in music...
  11. Emmy Fitz

    Utopian Scholastic - Aesthetic Highlight #4

    Utopian Scholastic (c. late 1980s-late 1990s)Utopian Scholastic was a popular aesthetic amongst children from the late '80s to the late '90s. Usually paired with edutainment programs, books, and museums, the style goes for "timeless" typography, collages composed of stock images, and an...
  12. Tapeworm

    What exactly is WORLDCORP?

    I've been wanting to start a thread about this for some time now, and I feel like the forums here are a good spot for it. I've been really diving deep into the WORLDCORP rabbit hole, which is supposedly an ARG. However, the fact it uses clips from cheese pizza related .onion sites just doesn't...
  13. Emmy Fitz

    Whimsigothic - Aesthetic Highlight #3

    Whimsigothic (1990s)Whimsigothic is an aesthetic that was popular throughout the entirety of the '90s, growing out of the popularity of Tim Burton, mainstreamification of gothic culture, and Margo Chase's graphic design. It's often seen on albums, promotional artwork, interior design, and...
  14. Emmy Fitz

    Factory Pomo - Aesthetic Highlight #2

    I think I'm going to do these aesthetic highlights sometime every weekend from here on out.Factory Pomo (c. early-mid 1990s)Factory Pomo is an aesthetic that grew out of the computer craze of the early 1990s. While the aesthetic is harder to define than Global Village Coffeehouse, you know...
  15. Emmy Fitz

    Global Village Coffeehouse - Aesthetic Highlight #1

    Good evening. I got an idea. I'm going to start weekly threads based on specific aesthetics from long ago, and we can discuss the style, have memories, and share examples of this retro aesthetic. Let me know what you all think of this idea. :)This week's Aesthetic Highlight:Global Village...
  16. Shi_dawg

    what do you think about the future of vaporwave?

    I had this conversation with a few people and the answers I got were very interesting. So what do you think about where vaporwave is headed, for the fans and artists and the idea as a whole.
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