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  1. passerby

    Starving for The Feed: On Invasive Social Media Algorithms

    One thing I love about Agora Road is the serendipitous feed. Unlike modern social media feeds organized by algorithms, Agora doesn't seem to over-analyze my behaviors and thought patterns (devs, correct me if I'm wrong!). Stalker-like social media algorithms will do anything to keep us engaged...
  2. Punp

    [88x31 ART CHALLENGE] button for Agora Road

    Geocities_Example.gif We love our 88x31 button gifs. We love Agora. What better way to celebrate this love by making an agora-themed button? This is the perfect scale for a miniature art contest. I'd like to eventually make this a recurring thread to spark creativity and discussion...
  3. Some_porcupine

    cookies, pipelines and ego-traps of [/gen] echo-chambers

    Inu2u - involuntary user to user Do you use YouTube, are you signed in, do you click agora videos that were shared? Then you might have noticed that (hopes it is not only me) within few days, the videos you watched, - maybe you posted them, too, on agora, or even not - have been reposted by...
  4. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Agora Cooks!

    No introduction, this thread is for people who wish to share their cooking to others. What are you cooking?
  5. _TF


    I wish a very happy 5th birthday to this very cool website and every member that has been part of it, sending love to all y'all :peepoLove1: !!! Share the best times you've had on the website throughout the years in this thread! :LeDoritoFace: also Two years ago... The very first post :
  6. Punps private sig

    Punps private sig

    A test of the agora uploading system
  7. Punp's Sig

    Punp's Sig

    Time to make a new post for Agora road!
  8. CognacDefender

    Agora Road Movie Plot thread.

    This is a genuine thread for discussing what the plot for an Agora Road movie would be. Please post your ideas.
  9. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Agora Drawpile - Come draw together!

    Drawpile is an application where artists can come together and draw stuff. It's basically multiplayer mspaint Some basic rules for the time being; No NSFW or graphic content. I like for the mural to be at least PG13 No taking up large amount of spaces, be respectful with the spaces of other...
  10. Chao Tse-Tung

    AR punk thread

    I know this place contains people from a lotta subcultures. Anybody else here indulge in the punk aesthetic/mindset/music? As a [non-]violently[:NepWink:] anti-establishment dude, I naturally gravitated towards the harsh-sounding outcries of the thoughts that swirl in my head daily, and in...

    Agora Rides

    What are y'all driving on the Agora Road? Pic is very much related.
  12. image_2022-01-19_123808.png


    Spotted a fan of duck hunt.
  13. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    DISCUSSION MOVED TO NEW THREAD | Agora Road Clan tags? (Online games we can all play together?)

    We have moved to this thread here. Please discuss there. Voting has concluded, [Agora] wins by one...
  14. Agora Road's Greatest Moments

    This thread is for archiving the forum's greatest moments, either they be happy, sad, funny, or straight up unusual. For those who may be new to the forum please provide context behind the screencaps you post and if you do post screencaps they can be both from the threads and the chatroom as...

    Agora Road E-Zine Discussion Thread

    Do you want an Agora Road E-Zine? Agora Road is growing every day, and I think it would be pretty cool if we came together for a collaborative project like this. We would need a board dedicated to content submissions (be it writing, design, or otherwise). We would also need an Editor in Chief...

    Agora Road Merch Ideas

    This is a thread for sharing Agora Road merch ideas. Your idea can be anything, from T-shirts, to keychains, to plushies! Not that anything in this thread is likely to see a market release, but a man can dream... One of my ideas for a piece of Agora Road merch would be a black T-shirt with...
  17. Vaporwavemaster1 be like

    Vaporwavemaster1 be like

    Just a meme I made for the Agora Road community. You're the best, vaporwavemaster1!
  18. Agora Road T-shirt Thread(Review Inside)

    Here is my in depth review of Agora Road T-shirts. This would normally be a profile post, but when I brought up that I was ordering shirts in chat a while back people had questions, so I figured I'd make a thread and that way you can ask questions easier, plus anyone else who has ordered shirts...
  19. LuxuryBland

    Introduce yourself!

    Introduce yourself: here are some prompts: What cancelled sitcom best describes your life? What does Vaporwave mean to you? What subgenres are you most into? How did you find out about this place? What do you do for fun?