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  1. Taleisin

    Agoracore: the Essence of the Road

    In this thread, share some pieces of media that encapsulate the essence of Agora's culture. This could be videos, music, images, or web-pages or anything else. The only rule should be not to use stuff from the site itself, rather find things that are not directly generated by Travellers. If you...
  2. _TF


    I wish a very happy 5th birthday to this very cool website and every member that has been part of it, sending love to all y'all :peepoLove1: !!! Share the best times you've had on the website throughout the years in this thread! :LeDoritoFace: also Two years ago... The very first post :

    Alright friends, it's time for a community project, since we have a lot of talent here and haven't done one of these in a while (or maybe ever). Continuing on from the "Current thing meme analysis thread", I've decided that we should make a parody of those "iceberg explained" videos for Agora...
  4. Taleisin

    Memetics, memetic viruses and AI

    If you're into memetics, you'll have been exposed to virus 23 before. There's a lot going on in this little piece of text and it may be hard to grasp specifically. However, feel free to feed it into chatgpt to explain to you (base response and AVA response) chatGPT is not incredible at...
  5. Punps private sig

    Punps private sig

    A test of the agora uploading system
  6. Punp's Sig

    Punp's Sig

    Time to make a new post for Agora road!
  7. Punp

    Inline ads on recent agora posts

    What's with all the recent inline ads between each sentence on the forum posts? It's genuinely making the forum much harder to read, and it only appears to affect certain users.
  8. How many agora road users do you think you could take in a fight?

    Bare hands only