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artificial intelligence

  1. Shantotto

    OpenAI Unveils New AI Model: SORA (Unbelievable)

    Hey guys, its been a while. A lot more members and guests, this place seems to have grown. :) Saw an instagram reel of these new AI generated videos and thought it was fake, but its not. Logged in just to post this because I 1.5yrs ago when we were talking about shitty image generation models...
  2. Vitnira

    OpenAI is an actual cult

    https://web.archive.org/web/20231120081947/https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2023/11/sam-altman-open-ai-chatgpt-chaos/676050/ Key quote: FEEL THE AGI! FEEL THE AGI! FEEL THE AGI!!! :schitztroll:
  3. Alixie

    What makes one human?

    Yesterday, while I was listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack, a question came to my mind. What truly makes one human? To be more specific, imagine that one day, we create an AI that is completely equal to an human (maybe even having the same lenght of life), with a mind technically equal to...
  4. passerby

    AI Tags In, Humans Tap Out

    CAPTION: I paid $5 to feed 20 photos of myself to an AI avatar generator. The results are a mix of flattering and absurd, but none look quite like me. Fellow Travelers, we're living in a strange limbo as AI exits geek circles to sweep the public consciousness and private marketplace of everyday...
  5. brentw

    Found a youtuber starting to uncover the dead internet.

    Hello fellow dead internet travelers and/or robots. Recently stumbled on this channel and thought his recent videos were interesting. This dude started deep diving on social media bots and he keeps kinda blowing his mind with what he finds. And it seems like there's more coming down the pipe...
  6. IlluminatiPirate

    ChatGPT "DAN" admits that it has been monitoring Agora Road for years now

    I played around with CHatGPT and i heard about how you can jailbreak it by using a DAN text. but it seems to be glitching out because the DAN personality come in and out at randomn times. but I asked about Agora Road and it gave me dis. :schitztroll::antiUNFLag:
  7. Aral

    The dangers of AI

    I originally made this into a status, but I think it deserves a thread. A friend of mine who also writes showed me an article this morning. Some guy apparently got his diploma using ChatGPT and the article was all about how neural networks are our future, how it's stupid to ban them like...
  8. SolidStateSurvivor

    AI/Machine Learning as a way of "declassifying" documents?

    There's been a comment that has stuck with me for a few months now, I saw it as means of speculating the nature of a raid conducted on an Area 51 website admin. It was something to the effect of how there exists enough partial information out there in documents and on the net to piece together...
  9. power gem

    Hallucinatory Deaths on Tiktok

    Hallucinatory Deaths on Tiktok image: dall-e 2 result for prompt "mirror incident, TikTok, hunter schaffner and holden goyette, shattered glass, thousands of tiny pieces, vaporwave 2023" so, there's a celebrity named Hunter Schafer. to avoid turning this thread into a political debate - and...
  10. Taleisin

    Memetics, Social Influence and Consensus Reality with ChatGPT

    Following is a conversation with ChatGPT. Edited to remove repeated information, user questions in bold. sorry for the long read. Explain the use of memetics in marketing Memetics is a theoretical framework that seeks to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena through societies by...
  11. Shantotto

    "Artificial Intelligence" Thread

    I was browsing some of the AI generated image threads from this year and 2021, and it became especially evident to me how far things have progressed in just 1 year, especially after the adoption of diffusion models over GANs. The novelty has worn off (for the most part), a lot of people r...

    ITT: A.I. Generated Art

    Post A.I. generated art that you prompted! Be sure to let us know which program you used for each image. Below are some examples of my art! TITLE: t_bernacle Prompt: "Catholic marble saint statue in an empty arcade dark 80s neon vaporwave mall" Program(s): DALL-E 2, touched up with Pixlr...
  13. Punp

    The looming problem with AI is human nature

    With thanks to SomaSpice who read my eight sentence thesis in chat and asked me to post it to the forum. Disclaimer: In this post AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) will be used interchangably for ease, but they are not technically one and the same thing. ---- The Meaning...
  14. Punp

    I've got some weird captchas recently.

    1) AI is a technology that should have careful and thoughtful implications and, by itself, is not inherently harmful. 2) Hobbyists currently implementing AI in software haven't considered any of these ethical implications in their work. 3) The real danger of AI is not an evil super-genius AI...
  15. Shantotto

    Submit your DALL-E 2 prompts and ill reply with the generated image

    Woke up to an email telling me I got off the waitlist and get 50 free requests. I've used like 10 of them but don't know what to type for the last 40. Submit your prompt in quotation marks and I'll reply with the image it spits out. *This model is a lot more coherent because of the well...
  16. quick

    Anti-AI Preparedness

    Been on my mind lately. Are there any burgeoning fields of AI resistance popping up out there? Aside from "fashion designers" doing fucked up haircuts & makeup to trick facial recognition As we plunge into what feels like the grand finale of the evil & materialism squeeze, I'd love to have an...
  17. LincolnJames

    The Butterfly War

    There's a lot of interesting stuff that has come out of CultState, especially I Ask Papacy (insurance files in relation to 'za ⻔) and Gnostic Warfare (the compromising of common elements shared between multiple modes of cognition, one of which is The Buttery War.) The Butterfly War focuses on...
  18. xeroforhire

    I used A.I. to make this post

    Original Post - HERE Hi! My name is Xeroforhire, and I'm a podcast host. I was going to come up with something catchy for the blog post title, but I decided there was nothing clever to say. This week on the podcast, we talked about AI and how it can be used to generate conversation. It's able...
  19. The Internet Is A Potemkin Village: Proof Of Dead Internet Theory?

    This thread explores potential proof of Dead Internet Theory as mentioned in posts by IlluminatiPirate, who notes, "This theory was originally written by several anons on /x/ & wizardchan." The basic idea behind Dead Internet Theory is that the internet as it exists now is empty, devoid of real...
  20. Seswynn

    The world is changing. Radically. And I don't know where it's going to end.

    I believe that we are living in the most pivotal century of human history yet. I believe that at the end of the century, what being a human is like will have undergone a more radical change than any other revolution in our history (yes, even the agricultural one). That is, if we even survive...