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  1. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    ITT: We post vintage promotional pics of Cars from the late 60s to late 90s (2000s is fine)

    There's something about these old clunkers that we adore at some point and these promo pics make them seem mythical. Anyway, let's post some fucking car pics we like. I'll start with this.
  2. SolidStateSurvivor

    Cars get dystopic: BMW to charge subscription fee for heated seats

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy. In a much criticized move, BMW has decided to charge car owners a subscription service to access heated seats. $18 a month, or $415 if one wants to unlock this feature permenantly. That's right, the functionality to use heated seats is already built...

    Agora Rides

    What are y'all driving on the Agora Road? Pic is very much related.
  4. Weary traveler of the web

    Got a happy new year 2022 hot wheels car that's a champagne bottle

    I wonder if it'll be worth something one day :LeDoritoFace:
  5. Empty_Roads.JPG


    Art for my song "Empty Roads"
  6. MugiNism

    Do you like pop-up headlights on cars?

    I fucking love them and its sad that they will never make a comeback. Post your favorite car/cars with pop up headlights.
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