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  1. cumslegborenail

    Downtown PCP Warlock.wav - Cumsleg Borenail

    Downtown PCP Warlock.wav - Cumsleg Borenail Vaporwave and Dungeon synth megamix 1997
  2. MΛHJ0NG - Ҝㄚㄖㄒㄖ 乃卂尺乃乇尺 丂卄ㄖ卩卩乇

    MΛHJ0NG - Ҝㄚㄖㄒㄖ 乃卂尺乃乇尺 丂卄ㄖ卩卩乇

    This gave me some old barber shop vibes. I Hope you enjoy!
  3. MΛHJ0NG - Attention K-Mart Shoppers ロ王延

    MΛHJ0NG - Attention K-Mart Shoppers ロ王延

    Here's the video version for those interested. It's just a gif of the Kmart logo, I know real creative.
  4. MΛHJ0NG - Attention K-Mart Shoppers ロ王延

    MΛHJ0NG - Attention K-Mart Shoppers ロ王延

    Hello, with this track, I tried going for a Haircuts for Men sort of vibe, I used a sample for the melody and added my own drums. I was thinking of Nostalgic things from my childhood, and K-Mart came


    Finally got me a YouTube going. Hope you decide to subscribe!


    Hi, I'm back again, sorry for the little break, I was going through some personal stuff, but I'm back again, this time I made the entire track myself, melody and all.
  7. MΛHJ0NG - Tender Locket

    MΛHJ0NG - Tender Locket

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to listen to my first Chillwave track. I hope you enjoy it, I chopped this sample up and added my own drums
  8. Dizmation - When In Roam

    Dizmation - When In Roam

    Ambient || Chillwave
  9. An Opportunity to Escape, by AZENXIO

    An Opportunity to Escape, by AZENXIO

    Vaporwave Guide 2017 VidNas Edition (55) 1. [INTRO_induction] 01:21 2. 新しいボディ 01:55 3. A Promising New Reality 02:07 4. デコードされた星 02:08 5. Polygonal Gentleman 01:47 6. Night Bytes 02:55 7. Sensation 02:54 8. ループ 01:38
  10. w w w.corp82+.n e t, by IBM.ek

    w w w.corp82+.n e t, by IBM.ek

    Track List: 1. crystal_Pepsi® 2. Corp.FILE 3.LUXURY+ 4. AOL.© 5. .wav/84 6. midnightgrid.mp3 7. Virtual.1000 8. Windows.[confrence] 9. ∆upper80˚sfortherestofthis-week∆ 10. FUTURE.SB13 11. X1400 12. www.zip 13. new life.™ (t h i s w h o l e a l b u m a n d a r t i s c o m p l e t l y o...
  11. Waves, by Division Street

    Waves, by Division Street

    supported by DistantMemories "I'm thinking of a place where the sun shines bright everyday, air is clear and clouds are kept at bay, blinding skylight from above warms the soul in its own special way, keeping all of manner of fears far far away, greeting all who visit there with hot sand and...
  12. mysistersfugazishirt

    Nautilus II: Decaying Dreams Vinyl Release! (chillwave/video game music vapor)

    https://qrates.com/projects/21599-nautilus-ii-decaying-dreams After part I had such a successful campaign, I'm releasing part II as well. Open preorder for 30 days. Need 100 orders to get made.
  13. In The Worlde, by Gavriel

    In The Worlde, by Gavriel

    12 track album
  14. tokyorat

    I just dropped my first synthwave album, looking for collaboration!

    Hey everyone, ;) Back here on the forum to let you know I just released my first album 'Edge of Tokyo' KaReNwInK I'd love to hear from others in this forum as well! Please share me your music / links. I am always looking for people to collaborate with as well. I'll leave my Bandcamp link here...