1. Vernam

    What OS is nostalgic to you?

    I have been reliving my childhood using Windows XP on a VM as that is what I grew up on. What OS did you guys grow up on?
  2. wearyinternettraveler

    Simplification's Effect on Geekdom

    This is an informal piece I've been working on for a while when I've had some down-time. It's basically a disjointed collection of thoughts I have on why technology seems less exciting to me these days. Yes, all of the evidence is anecdotal but I'm not looking to get published in Nature and I'm...
  3. 90s Hacker Aesthetic

    Welcome to the virtual... or is it real? In the current era we're accustomed to boring flat design; UIs never made the jump from 2D, Virual Reality is mostly used for porn and basically even grandma knows how a computing interface looks like. But there was a time where UIs were fresh...
  4. calico_jack

    agora frens, post your setups

    whatever your working with. ive got an alienware laptop my friend gave me and a chromebook. my sim wheel is a g29 which i highly recommend.