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  1. A

    The Internet Is A Potemkin Village: Proof Of Dead Internet Theory?

    This thread explores potential proof of Dead Internet Theory as mentioned in posts by IlluminatiPirate, who notes, "This theory was originally written by several anons on /x/ & wizardchan."The basic idea behind Dead Internet Theory is that the internet as it exists now is empty, devoid of real...

    Michael Jackson Theories

    I want to thank @ChronosTheMad.mxtps for inspiring this thread.Michael Jackson was one of the most influential and popular artists of the 20th century. His music was heard by billions worldwide, and his name was synonymous with the most prevalent brands of the era. There were likely more...
  3. Tapeworm

    What exactly is WORLDCORP?

    I've been wanting to start a thread about this for some time now, and I feel like the forums here are a good spot for it. I've been really diving deep into the WORLDCORP rabbit hole, which is supposedly an ARG. However, the fact it uses clips from cheese pizza related .onion sites just doesn't...
  4. N

    Thoughts/theories on aliens?

    Because of this thread I got to wondering what everyones' thoughts and theories are on aliens. Do you believe, do you think they're already among us, do you have any theories in particular about them? Personally I believe they exist and really enjoy reading conspiracy theories about aliens, but...
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