1. SolidStateSurvivor

    Death by AI: Israel using machine learning to designate and kill suspected militants (and their families)

    I want to preface this by saying that this is NOT a schizo-post, this is legitimately what is currently going on in the Israel/Palestine conflict. https://www.972mag.com/lavender-ai-israeli-army-gaza/ The AI system is known as "Lavender," and it's capabilities come from known information...
  2. FacelessMan

    The internet and education

    The internet is a place where you can quite literally learn almost anything. You won't get any sort of special degree, but just really thinking about the amount of information is huge. If you want to know about something, knowledge about it is out there somewhere. From something simple as making...
  3. passerby

    AI Tags In, Humans Tap Out

    CAPTION: I paid $5 to feed 20 photos of myself to an AI avatar generator. The results are a mix of flattering and absurd, but none look quite like me. Fellow Travelers, we're living in a strange limbo as AI exits geek circles to sweep the public consciousness and private marketplace of everyday...
  4. SolidStateSurvivor

    Dystopian Images

    Preferably real images only Seems like all the Covid ones have been suppressed and are impossible to find with normal searches Bonus points for Burger Punk!
  5. It's gonna get worse

    It's gonna get worse

    Way worse
  6. Orlando Smooth

    What Lies at the Heart of Monoculture and Decay

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thompson_sampling If you are reading this, I'd be willing to bet $1,000 that you've been targeted by Thompson Sampling. However, in real life conversations I've found that a near-zero number of people know of its existence and even fewer have any idea how much it...
  7. chansei_03

    So the channel Kurzgesagt was being funded by the Big Pharma this whole time right?

    They're being financed by the Bill Gates foundation, the same guy who didn't allow Covid vaccines to be distributed for free around the world, the same who was also involved in that Epstein incident... and the same guy who is also trying to force public opinion into thinking that being vegan is...
  8. remember_summer_days

    Agora Road Book Club: Brave New World Edition

    BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley. A dystopian novel that examines a futuristic society: The World State, which revolves around science and efficiency, where emotions are conditioned out of the individual at a young age, where social hierarchy is based only on intelligence, where everyone...
  9. PizzaW0lf

    How are YOU fighting against the present day dystopia?

    Anything you're doing to prepare? Working out? Tightening privacy? If there's anything I'm doing, I got a bike recently because I wanted to ditch the car for once. And it's been pretty awesome since I can commute AND get some kind of workout all without giving the elites my gas money. I also...
  10. SolidStateSurvivor

    Cars get dystopic: BMW to charge subscription fee for heated seats

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy. In a much criticized move, BMW has decided to charge car owners a subscription service to access heated seats. $18 a month, or $415 if one wants to unlock this feature permenantly. That's right, the functionality to use heated seats is already built...
  11. Slums.jpg


    AI generated from my prompts
  12. QWERTY4

    Thoughts on living in an IRL cyberpunk dystopia?

    I truly feel like we're living in a cyberpunk dystopia (but like the lesser cool version of it). Where instead of seeing cool aesthetic neon signs and Japanese imagery from the 80s and 90s, we're seeing nothing but political correctness and internet toxicity and vitriol since everything is so...