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  1. Tintin

    Tell me about your pre-2005 experiences

    I was born in 2001, so I have no real idea how cool the world was back then, I'd like y'all to share your experiences with me so I can know more
  2. Sweet n' Comfy

    The Random 90s Website Game

    Are you bored my fellow? Don't you worry for I have a great idea to brighten your day and bring great fun to it. Just look at this website my fellow, it's named Wiby.me: This is a "Search Engine for the Classic Web" as it's said there in the title, pretty self-explanatory; this search engine...
  3. Sweet n' Comfy

    The Early '00s Cool Wallpaper Dump Thread

    Use this thread to dump all the y2k c y b e r a e s t h e t i c era wallpapers you have; if it's early 2000's and makes you nostalgic: dump it. Let's all live the WindowsXP era once again and be happy.
  4. Empty Roads

    Empty Roads

    My first song ever. Single 90's-style DnB song composed and produced by myself. Inspired by 90's and Y2K style Drum and Bass music. If all goes well, I will ...
  5. SimplyJojo

    I miss the early 2000's!

    There's something about the early 2000's that makes me feel wonderful inside! Anyone miss the times? Mandy Moore, bubblegum pop music, bold neon colors on a white background, weird shapes....love it! Here is an example of what I mean. Also, what is this aesthetic called???? Us Against The World