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  1. IlluminatiPirate

    How To Disappear And Live Free Forever

    pepsimanthumbsupThis may not be an standard E-Zine but it made its way on old BBS sites in the form of an E-Zine, this E-Zine was made by the Eden Press in 1972 Revised 1985 titled "100 Ways To Disappear And Live Free Forever" pepsimanthumbsup To "live free" means to be able to control your...
  2. admin

    Cola Presents: Fred The Elite Hacker vs Ronald McDonald

    :CokeCan: This E-Zine/TextFile was issued by COLA and written by zatathustra on March 6, 2000. :CokeCan: Cola Presents: Fred The elite Hacker vs Ronald McDonald One day Fred was sitting at home, watching tv when he saw a McDonalds ad. "Two thick juicy patties of compressed "meat" sandwiched...
  3. admin

    Dave & Buster's: Neo-Fascists or just Texas-Style Screws?

    :Cokebaka: This e-zine was originally written on 1994 by Jeff Koyen :Cokebaka: I sometimes wish that I didn't use vulgar language so often; I've become jaded & desensitized to the impact of obscenity. The English language simply doesn't contain some of the words I need. Specifically, the...
  4. admin

    History of The Internet's Anarchist Cookbook

    :Cokebaka: This Ezine was written by By: Zero 11-18-2001 :Cokebaka: The Jolly Roger, Exodus, RFlagg, we've heard them all.. The Anarchist Cookbook is by far one of the most interesting books available on the internet today. It is also one of the most lied about books on the internet today. I...
  5. admin

    Urban Survival Guide in Big Cities (Total Societal Collapse, Anarchy, & Disasters)

    PePsIcAnpixeled This e-zine was issued by Cybertek Electric: and "Urban Survival" is written by Douglas P. Bell PePsIcAnpixeled To start with, let's get over the idea that all survivalists are going to get out of "the city" in time to set up a "survival retreat". Not all survivalists are going...
  6. admin

    A Guide to Early 2000's Internet Piracy

    :Cokebaka: This E-Zine was written by 2600 hacker quarterly summer 2004 by b-bstf charmss5@hotmail.com :Cokebaka: I've written this article after reading a few letter which show that some readers seem to know little about piracy on the Internet. I don't know everything about piracy on the...
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