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  1. Aral Khanym

    Let's see who types the fastest here

    Just for fun. https://typing-speed.net/ My results:
  2. Longcat2.jpeg


    Beretta 950 jetfire- still loooking
  3. Deepwaterjew

    On being a whimsy and happy guy, just full of joy

    You'll love being whimsy and full of joy. I laugh really easily, and people think sometimes I laugh out of trying to fit in, but they're wrong! I laugh because I'm not sure of the world, I'm aware that life is full of cool surprises you never thought about! have you seen how fucking cool these...
  4. I'm making a visual novel

    And I need your help, Agora! That's right, Nagolbud has wanted an Agora Road collaborative project to happen for awhile so I've decided to make it happen. So what's the idea? Simple. We will create a story, characters, backgrounds, music, etc, throw this bitch together and try sell it. Obviously...
  5. selfKaiHarness

    We're living in a NEO Y2K Utopia. (Forum Game/Roleplay)

    A few days ago, i talked about a scenario called NEO Y2K in the Macintosh.FM Cafe is a cyberpunk utopia scenario about what happens if the year 2000 never left us behind, all things are frozen in time except technology and society, the elites gradually lose power over time, the design of Y2K is...