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  1. Some_porcupine

    Agora Cookies - inu2u Vid-Ring

    Inu2u - involuntary user to user Do you use YouTube, are you signed in, do you click agora videos that were shared? Then you might have noticed that (hopes it is not only me) within few days, the videos you watched, - maybe you posted them, too, on agora, or even not - have been reposted by...
  2. passerby

    AI Tags In, Humans Tap Out

    CAPTION: I paid $5 to feed 20 photos of myself to an AI avatar generator. The results are a mix of flattering and absurd, but none look quite like me. Fellow Travelers, we're living in a strange limbo as AI exits geek circles to sweep the public consciousness and private marketplace of everyday...
  3. Voicedrew

    How to ungoogle?

    Hey folks, I read this post by @whiteVHS and was intrigued by this line: I've been thinking about how I might do this for a while now, and I think i'm ready to take the leap. How can I de-google, or at least minimize the amount I rely on google. Things I have tied to google: Gmail Account...
  4. NoSlacking

    Google Street View Thread

    One of my mypast times on the internet when I just want to chill out and relax, is to put some vaporwave on and go around random towns on Street View and see what kind of weirdness I can find. At the moment, I've been looking at the sort of streets you get in UK towns leading away from the main...
  5. The Internet Is A Potemkin Village: Proof Of Dead Internet Theory?

    This thread explores potential proof of Dead Internet Theory as mentioned in posts by IlluminatiPirate, who notes, "This theory was originally written by several anons on /x/ & wizardchan." The basic idea behind Dead Internet Theory is that the internet as it exists now is empty, devoid of real...