1. PizzaW0lf

    Volumetric fog hate?

    For context, this is based on what I've seen a small amount of people on /v/ and Twitter (x) say. I've noticed how volumetric fog used in modern games is apparently bad. Claims like, it gets rid of the soul or whatever. Does volumetric fog actually suck or are people being really schizo? What...
  2. PizzaW0lf

    "Unrecord" Graphics demo/discussion

    View: All that's missing is a live leak logo
  3. power gem

    00s vernacular graphic design: forum signatures, avatars and blinkies

    recently i've been feeling nostalgic for early 00s forum signatures and avatars. these were many people's first introduction to the world of graphic design, and i consider them a form of folk art. forum signatures were art created by and for ordinary people rather than for artists or...