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  1. AnanaSUPREME

    The rules of Latinwave

    Back when I began to create Vaporwave in the year 2016 as π_ROL, I was looking for anyone who would help me share my latest creation at the time. I asked around and I was told of a small Net Label called Latinwave that had started it's existence just a few months ago. After chit-chatting with...
  2. ElPepsi

    Between nostalgia and critique of capitalism, What's the Vaporwave ?

    Before I start spreading the subject of this article, I would like to thank Agora for giving me her trust, it is with pleasure that I will write this article about the Vaporwave. Thanks to the staff PePsIcAnpixeled First of all, what is Vaporwave? Musical genre (hard to define) and...
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