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  1. Eden

    Agora Road Travelogue (October Blogging)

    Just keeping @Voicedrew's train going for October (August + September threads) Initially inspired by the Bring Back Blogging movement, this is an Agora version to encourage y'all to WRITE STUFF! Agora Road Travelogue Join ZinRickys RSS feed like a baws Commit to writing 2 blog posts in this...
  2. ZinRicky

    Agora Road Feeds (RSS/Atom feed aggregator)

    Since @h00 requested it here, this is the thread. Some time ago, I scanned through the list of personal websites owned by you fellow Travelers and made a simple webpage to show all our blog posts / site entries / whatever. If you want you site to be added, reply to this thread!
  3. Eden

    The Personal Web

    With the death of the Yesterweb and "The Web Revival" movement being sorta splintered imo. I wanted to make this thread as an opportunity to: - Introduce what I believe to be some of the core ideas to anyone fresh-faced and interested. - Share some of my personal knowledge and strategies. -...