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  1. digital-man

    We don't value information enough

    The information in the west is heavily spread and then forgot. I feel like there is more aspects of the old net that remained these years in Japan than in the west, they seem to have more solid communities in the internet and trends are something more secondary. Maybe I'm wrong but I want to...
  2. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Kiwifarms under attack | Veteran of the Psychic Wars | The Internet is for EVERYONE.

    Official Thread theme View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osN-dGs2d2A UPDATE: 10/29/22 https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/kiwifarms-under-attack-we-are-the-priests-of-the-temple-of-syrinx-the-internet-is-for-everyone.4403/post-55404 UPDATE: 10/22/22...