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internet culture

  1. Fanart Central

    I don't know if any of you have heard of Fanart Central? (http://www.fanart-central.net/site/index) It's this old art site that had a good run back in the day, but was soon eclipsed by DeviantArt; although there are still people posting to this day. It's great if you want genuine articles of...
  2. Orlando Smooth

    Understanding and Opining on the FIRE Online Movement

    Financial Independence, Retire Early FIRE is a self explanatory philosophy and goal embraced by a group of people whose common characteristic is the desire to not be reliant upon a job. While virtually everyone has dreamed about sailing off into the sunset while they're still young enough to...
  3. I figure internet centralization was the cause for all the cultural problems we see today.

    I think it's well acknowledged by now that Tumblr and 4chan were the breeding grounds for the respective wings of terminally online unreasonable left and right-wingers through the 2010s. But think about it, would a bunch of teenage girls just be naturally inclined to talking about manspreading...
  4. Moving on from the 'Culture War'

    This is a communication I saw on the 'Letterbox' textboard, which I believe is a very cool perspective. Letterbox can be found at: https://afternoon.dynu.com/letterbox.html The thread was titled 'Moving On From the Culture War' and read as such: Here is something I tend to ponder on, and I...
  5. №56

    Internet Fiction

    This is a thread for fiction written about the internet. Stories that are either set on the internet, involve the internet as a major plot point, or are significantly informed by internet culture. Being published on the internet is a bonus. Non-fiction is allowed, as long as it's creative and...
  6. 7Pebbles

    Irony and internet culture

    It seems pretty obvious that irony is a big force in internet culture today. Shitposting, satire, and other meta jokes are everywhere, especially in places where a type of content has reached saturation. Things like amogus or fortnite provide large examples, but this happens within subcultures...
  7. SomaSpice

    The end of internet art is for it to take a life of its own, and then die.

    Apparently people (zoomers) call Jared Pike's dream pools "the poolrooms", and have added it into the backrooms mythos. I feel like they took something beautiful and cool and turned into lame creepypasta fodder. This got me thinking. I guess that's the endgame of all art born online is...
  8. The rise of profilicity and the future of society

    This thread is based on a post I made about the recent massacres in the United States. A sort of sequel to my meme critique thread which got a surprising amount of attention. Over the past decade I have found a lot of my social interactions to feel strange and stilted. Like the other person...
  9. azade

    Opinion on DnB?

    i feel like dnb conveys this broadly empty and somewhat inhuman quality. i really enjoy it. i haven't studied it enough to really understand exactly what makes it that way though. it couples with dnb album covers, which are unique in the same way vaporwave album covers tend to be too. they're...
  10. Sable

    How does it feel knowing that you will never see anything new in your lifetime?

    The turn of the new millennium set the stage for a sea of originality and innovation. Almost everything from 2000-2010 was new and fresh. It makes me sad to know that every new app, platform, game or other piece of media will forever be riding off the success of its predecessor. The culture of...
  11. Soloninja

    Weirdest and Bizarre Internet finds Post here

    Just curious what is the weirdest or bizarre internet finds. This could be forums, blogs, videos just anything bizarre
  12. kenetic.wav

    MySPACE is back, I mean "spaceHEY"

    If you sent into y2k era than this post isn't for you hahah . Y2k is officially back. well at least in my head it is lol. What is spacehey you ask? SpaceHey is a retro social network focused on privacy and customizability. It's a friendly place to have fun, meet friends, and be creative. In...
  13. Deepwaterjew

    Maybe we SHOULD let the internet die

    I know, I know, here comes the contrarian shaking his phallic reference around a place where people are mindstorming ways to make the internet less >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk, so what's the big idea? Let me explain: At the beginning were the nerds, maybe you nerds were there, but thing is, these people weren't of...
  14. AnanaSUPREME

    Accidental find: Virtual World Analysis by Homeland Security

    This is something I had no intention on finding, but the information is very interesting considering how many virtual worlds have dropped dead just a decade after this was written.