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  1. passerby

    Immortal Data

    I thought you guys might like this essay on the immortal nature of data and what happens when we accumulate massive volumes of personal information over a lifetime. What will our digital footprint look like when we're on our deathbeds? (Originally appeared on my Substack and Medium) Data is...
  2. Outer Heaven

    Intentionality and the decay of the Internet. Why do you log on?

    The Internet, like most things nowadays, is decaying. I think a big part of the reason why is that very few people use the Internet intentionally anymore. When the Internet was invented, it was tedious to access. Computers and Internet access were expensive. You had to sit at a computer that...
  3. Soloninja

    does the zoomer generation have zero tech skills?

    Has anyone ran into the zoomers with zero tech skills ? It is at a sad level
  4. The Importance of Boredom for Creativity and Dearth for Innovation

    This is a mix of my own writing and things I've read. I'll credit where appropriate. I'm a young guy, so I never actually lived pre-internet, and barely remember life pre-smartphone, but I think I've got a unique experience compared to some of my peers. This is because I went to boarding school...
  5. GothMonk

    Internet Wipe

    Something I have been thinking about recently: Imagine if one day the internet as we knew it (for whatever reason) died. A great reset, no backups, nothing survived, back to step one. What do you think would happen? How would the world be affected, how would the internet look after? Would...
  6. №56

    Internet Fiction

    This is a thread for fiction written about the internet. Stories that are either set on the internet, involve the internet as a major plot point, or are significantly informed by internet culture. Being published on the internet is a bonus. Non-fiction is allowed, as long as it's creative and...
  7. wearyinternettraveler

    Imgur to Delete Large Swaths of User-Generated Content

    https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/14415587638029/ In true >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk fashion, they close out their garbage decision with a heckin cute doggo. For those who don't know, imgur used to be the main host for >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk images until ~2017. They will be deleting pornographic content as well as images...
  8. Orlando Smooth

    Wholesome corners of the net

    What are your favorite wholesome little niches of the internet? It's easy to feel doomerish about the stats of humanity based on what you see in normie portions of the web, but I've found that small enough communities are capable of still fulfilling the original promise of the internet...
  9. Outer Heaven

    False sanitization of the internet

    Someone shared these screenshots (from Tumblr ew ik) on a Telegram channel I follow and I thought they were spot on. Its sad how few niche spaces there are for different age groups on the internet nowadays. I remember going from sites like Club penguin and Nickelodeon to Miniclip and Poptropica...
  10. manpaint

    The feeling of "living in the future" and the end of the spiral

    They say that knowledge is power. But what can you do when the knowledge show you only despair? It's been nearly one year since I have started to search for a job. I complained to a friend about how little job opportunity there was in the local area. He told me "Don't despair, I am sure I am...
  11. guy who is so high

    Talk about your earliest Internet memories

    I recently discovered the first two videos I ever saw online archived on Youtube. They were originally hosted on a guinea pig-themed website in Flash format, and I vividly remember seeing them when I was 4-6 years old (so, 2002-2004). I'm still looking for the original site these were hosted...
  12. consonant

    Internet and Laws

    I've been thinking about laws relating to the internet because I've been seeing tech articles like this and this and when I see things like this I don't even think about the event that caused the article I just think about how there's so much more interest in media or government looking into the...
  13. cyberdream

    Have you ever read "Ten arguments for deleting your social media right now", by Jaron Lanier?

    I'm wondering if anyone in this forum read this book. I've deleted most of my social media due to what I've learned while reading this book (I'm only with YouTube and Whatsapp) but I'm trying agora road as an alternative way to have social experiences on internet. Do you guys have social media...
  14. floozy

    The Computer Delusion

    I found this article while searching for research on how thought varies differently across speech, writing, and the internet (if you have any information on this, please send!) and I was wondering what you all had to say about it. This is focused mostly on educational programs on computers...
  15. ZinRicky

    Instant messaging

    Scrolling on Mastodon, I found this toot about instant messaging services. I was quite interested, because some of the "alternative" services were new to me. This made me think about my messaging habits and try new things. I tried out Briar with a friend and it's not so bad, after all. I have...
  16. SomaSpice

    The end of internet art is for it to take a life of its own, and then die.

    Apparently people (zoomers) call Jared Pike's dream pools "the poolrooms", and have added it into the backrooms mythos. I feel like they took something beautiful and cool and turned into lame creepypasta fodder. This got me thinking. I guess that's the endgame of all art born online is...
  17. NoSlacking

    Google Street View Thread

    One of my mypast times on the internet when I just want to chill out and relax, is to put some vaporwave on and go around random towns on Street View and see what kind of weirdness I can find. At the moment, I've been looking at the sort of streets you get in UK towns leading away from the main...
  18. calico_jack

    /r9k/ type music (incelcore)

    Post your favorite /r9k/ music, literally me music/ some of that /wsg/ groove thread stuff is also welcome. ie: negative xp I wanted to highlight the rapper Chad Marco, you might have seen this song as its his most popular: Some others:
  19. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Kiwifarms VS. Australia

    https://kiwifarms.net/threads/2022-05-18-government-of-australia-urgent-class-1-removal-notice-from-the-esafety-commissioner-sec-official-sensitive.119259/#post-11928799 Because of the buffalo shootout, somehow Australia's government thought it was a great time to try to get Null to take down...
  20. ICPinECW666

    Have any of you guys "Y2K-ified" your internet experience?

    First post here! I took a liking to this forum not only for its aesthetically nostalgic factor, but also for its ability to give me that old-school internet feel. The uniformity of modern day social media like Twitter, >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk and Instagram has left the internet (at least in my eyes) a shallow...