lost futures

  1. Punp

    Alternative futures: Nostalgia can be a driver to branch from an earlier place in time

    In another thread, @Jodo_Fan mentioned about the user's nostalgic desire for old technology and the way things were, mixed with @Some_porcupine's word salad about lost futures, and it got me thinking. Today I ordered a camera that saves to floppy disks for my trip to Japan, and I turned my eye...
  2. Some_porcupine

    Do you remember (Now Lost) "Future"?

    Parallel thread with https://8chan.moe/404/res/17276.html Example: "internet will topple down *Patriarchy*!" related: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/young-people-%C2%B484-%C2%B414-and-on-giving-up-on-life-life-under-l-s-capitalism-where-is-my-jetpack-cancelled-futures.6412/...
  3. Vul Lord of the Spiders

    Retaking the internet

    I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the current status of the internet and perchance wanted to fire off ideas to make it niche and decentralize it for example i was thinking of maybe a website that could host webrings and user made irc's what do u guys think? Edit since i kinda half assed the...
  4. Still a Youth

    Nostalgic Youtube

    ITT: YouTube videos you're nostalgic for. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0D4oZwCsA
  5. infamous witness

    Article about the end of the internet from 2008

    I found this interesting article, I posted part of it here for ease of access, ill link at the bottom. What do you guys think?: "The first wave or step in that direction will direct its efforts to put a price on people to use the conventional internet and force people to use Internet 2,a...
  6. brentw

    Retro Tech Aesthetics

    There's a lot of beautifully designed old tech out there, lets bask in their aesthetics. I'll start with this awesome portable SHARP VCR: What have you got to share?
  7. QWERTY4

    Thoughts on living in an IRL cyberpunk dystopia?

    I truly feel like we're living in a cyberpunk dystopia (but like the lesser cool version of it). Where instead of seeing cool aesthetic neon signs and Japanese imagery from the 80s and 90s, we're seeing nothing but political correctness and internet toxicity and vitriol since everything is so...
  8. 1980Miami

    The Last Good Year?

    To be on this forum, a literal monument to both the past of the internet and an idealized idea of life 30-40 years ago, you have to have some sort of dissatisfaction with current year. Whether that's not liking current cultural aesthetics, technology, entertainment, sports etc you all have your...
  9. IlluminatiPirate

    Sad, Nostalgic Feeling - All those feeling... that make you feel old...

    Share your moment that something make you feel sad for growing up and getting old, longing for the good old days.
  10. corporateclone11

    Future Nostalgia

    I've come to a realization in recent days. A major aspect of Vaporwave as a genre and concept is nostalgia, especially for a past that many of us have never actually experienced. For instance, many people would cite Resonance by Home or Palm Mall Mars as music that awakens a yearning in them for...