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  1. Walk in the Rain

    A stutterer reviews Shino Can't Say Her Name

    I've stuttered my whole life. But, since I'm not a cute high school girl, all my stuttering does is make me cringe and make my legs shake. The manga Shino Can't Say Her Name by Shuzo Oshimi showcases the awkwardness of being a stutterer. It does this through the troubles of its protagonist...
  2. Steingar

    How I fell out of reading Manga, and the ones that got me back into it again

    This is a long one, so forgive me in advance. I used to read manga fairly regularly when I was an adolescent. All the usual stuff you'd expect, primarily from the shonen and seinen genre. I was probably still reading it up until the age of 22 when I just...bombed out. Nothing interested me...
  3. Nephaneel

    Manga One-shots Discussion

    While it isn't uncommon to see discussion of manga around here, I had yet to see any talking about one-shots, thus I decided to make a new thread on the topic. An overwhelming number of world-famous mangakas started writing these short single-chapter proofs-of-concept, it is how Miura got...
  4. SomaSpice

    Post your favorite weeb shit

    You heard it. Post the weeb shit that instantly puts you into a good mood. For me its vocaloid, here's some of my faves: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juHX-TxIPvE&ab_channel=momomyai View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT9v1neHMKM&ab_channel=maskotoro View...
  5. DruidVibes

    What's your favorite manga?

    I've seen a couple of anime threads, one for 2000s anime and one for 2010s-current anime, but no threads for manga. Share your favorite manga in this thread. Two of my favorites: Yuureitou Dolly Kill Kill Both of them are a little gore-y. I love gore-y manga.
  6. 2000's Anime General

    Yeah, that's right, I took l@in is here thread and took it into the 2000s! Movies, OVA's and anime series all are welcome to discuss, and yes maybe some early 2010s animes too but please be reasonable. Going to share one of my favourite anime intros to start off: View...
  7. genujuan

    How to see value in trash, or why I think Raw Hero is actually a pretty good manga

    Man as soon as I try to put something into words all the organized thoughts disappear. That's why this is almost pointless but whatever. So Raw Hero is about a boy named Chiaki who lives with his two younger brothers and is unemployed. His parents died so he has to take care of the family...