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  1. Taleisin

    Agoracore: the Essence of the Road

    In this thread, share some pieces of media that encapsulate the essence of Agora's culture. This could be videos, music, images, or web-pages or anything else. The only rule should be not to use stuff from the site itself, rather find things that are not directly generated by Travellers. If you...
  2. How much do you think fiction actually influences reality?

    I encountered this meme here while I was foraging in the wilderness, and it sort of made me think: It's some kind of anti-lolicon meme, kind of a 'gotcha' regarding how lolicons will easily agree that such pictures are representations of older women and thus implicity believe that enjoying...
  3. Voicedrew

    Favorite Anime Opening/Ending?

    The video begins with a murder of crows circling overhead. The crows are of course used in this instance to symbolize death, which is one of the main themes of the show. The camera pans down to reveal a body of water, which Subaru lies at the bottom of. I believe this shot symbolizes two...
  4. chansei_03

    The media people believe in

    The defenders of our democracy :ZOOMER: View: https://streamable.com/1elcd9
  5. Punp

    This kind of live music video, this kind of place

    Before you press play, you must know I want you to watch this video once and never again. Contemporarily this kind of dance compilation would've been shown on something like MTV. It's a sanitized light pornography from a time before internet pornography was widely available. It's the fact this...
  6. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    VANGELIS renown musician behind Blade Runner and Carl Sagan's COSMOS has passed away at age 79.

    https://www.huffpost.com/entry/vangelis-chariots-of-fire-composer-dead-at-79_n_6286af08e4b05cfc2689be39 https://apnews.com/article/vangelis-dead-chariots-of-fire-b7a98666ff96ca049dbe7964da98d44d https://www.cbsnews.com/news/vangelis-died-composer-chariots-of-fire-dead-age-79/...
  7. Emmy Fitz

    Lost Media Memories

    Have you ever tried to find a random clip, whether it be a commercial, episode, etc. that you remember from the past but can't find it anywhere? Chances are you're dealing with lost media. Lost Media (n): Media that has previously existed but no longer does or is lost or not viewable to the...