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  1. Vaporweeb

    Mischaracterization or Flanderization?

    There's a discussion making the rounds on a certain platform regarding perceived "mischaracterization" of certain fictional characters, and what specifically any given person might take issue with--with respect to any given character. The term Flanderization is defined by TV Tropes as: Named...
  2. Walk in the Rain

    Agora Road Book Club: Empress Theresa Edition

    Eighteen-year-old American girl Theresa Elizabeth Sullivan Hartley must take on "the most impossible, burdensome, insane task ever imposed on a human being. Norman Boutin, born October 17th to french parents in Quebec, is considered the most essential Franco-American alive (And arguably of all...

    Alright friends, it's time for a community project, since we have a lot of talent here and haven't done one of these in a while (or maybe ever). Continuing on from the "Current thing meme analysis thread", I've decided that we should make a parody of those "iceberg explained" videos for Agora...
  4. Walk in the Rain

    Current Thing meme analysis and research

    So, I'm making this thread to discuss the political implications of this exotic variation of the soyjack meme. I think this meme is trying to attack stuff that's obscure, weird, and grotesque to normies but really it's some normie-core shit all along. So like, it's trying to point out how...
  5. PizzaW0lf

    Gentleman, Gentlemen!

    *ahem* May I have your attention please! I have an announcement to make.
  6. Walk in the Rain

    Fake or Cringe book covers

    I've been having way too much fun using this https://penguin.jos.ht/ It's a browser software that generates one of those fancy Penguin Classic (TM) book covers for you, which you can use for some meme-worthy covers. There are probably a lot more versions on the web. Feel free to generate as many...
  7. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Obligatory Cat Thread

    Man, things has been going shit for me lately and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling like this. So, let's brighten the mood and post cats. It can be your pet cat or images you find on the internet; a cat fine is too. Memes are okay. Let's begin.

    Agora Rides

    What are y'all driving on the Agora Road? Pic is very much related.
  9. TeruTeruBouzu

    Distressing Memes

    For memes you might find distressing, disturbing, haunting, unsettling, or otherwise off-putting, without being overtly shocking or direct. Examples include:
  10. Jade

    Grichka Bogdanoff dies at 72

    I'm surprised that I feel genuinely sad over this despite knowing nothing about them outside the meme format. Fare thee well, Grichka, the people will keep you in their hearts.
  11. Anarchy

    This thread has no topic. Post what you want.
  12. ITT: We pretend this is a 2008 4chan thread

    OP is a fag.
  13. Dub the Dew (or why to never let the internet name your products)

    In August of 2012, the fine people at PepsiCo held an online contest to decide the name of their new apple flavoured Mountain Dew. They held it in high hopes of receiving mature and sensible answers that could help them sell a decent product to the public, but this is the internet we are talking...
  14. Where am I going

    Where am I going

    Bonzi buddy escapes from vaporwave heaven with you. album cover from a prior single.
  15. Vaporwavemaster1 be like

    Vaporwavemaster1 be like

    Just a meme I made for the Agora Road community. You're the best, vaporwavemaster1!
  16. AnanaSUPREME

    What is Michaelsoft Binbows supposed to be?

    Mr. "So I booked a ticket to Japan" goes into depth over that infamous image everyone has crowned an example of bootleg media and products with an explanation of it's origin.