1. nsequeira119

    Watching So-Called "Edgelord" Movies With A Nuanced View

    For at least the last decade, people have noticed a sort of trend in certain films- these sorts of films haven't come out in a while, but they all share a common plot structure and general sentiment, and therefore I and many others would argue that they can be categorized into a genre unto...
  2. AnHero

    It's Time for the Smart, Wisecracking 'Meta-Movie' to Die

    The new "Scream" sequel, "The Matrix Resurrections" and every Marvel film ever indulges in nudge-nudge moments of fan service now. (This is an article from vice. Proof that a broken clock is right twice a day.) Remember when being a nerd was uncool? If you were born in or after the 90s, the...
  3. napata

    Japanese romance movies that made me cry

    Just finished watching one that destroyed me last night, so I want to make a list for some people who might be interested in this genre. There might be a soft spoil here and there. It's been a long time and I can't exactly remember which part is supposed to be a 'secret.' Tomorrow I Will Date...
  4. AnHero

    Pop Cultural Vapidity in the 90s & 2000s

    I don't exactly have a proper 'thesis' for this, since this is something I only think about sometimes when something reminds me, but have you ever looked at stuff from the 90 and 00s and marvelled at the lack of overbearing 'social awareness'? I'm not exactly saying that politics took a break at...
  5. AnHero

    I figure internet centralization was the cause for all the cultural problems we see today.

    I think it's well acknowledged by now that Tumblr and 4chan were the breeding grounds for the respective wings of terminally online unreasonable left and right-wingers through the 2010s. But think about it, would a bunch of teenage girls just be naturally inclined to talking about manspreading...
  6. aura_rising

    Nostalgic Soundtracks - Movies/Shows/Games

    Which soundtracks from old media have a special place in your heart? Hearing it again will either make you tear up or smile fondly, sometimes both. Feel free to share & discuss here. for me, hearing the soundtrack of Animal Crossing Wild World on DS brings my childhood flooding back. i would...
  7. List of Gen Y's Favorite Movies

    Quarantine (1989) ^This is the only one I can't find online anymore.. it's been completely scrubbed... because yea its predictive programming for coronavirus. (If anyone can find a link to it I'd appreciate it. I can't believe I had this movie on my PC and...
  8. jellen

    Vaporwave movies

    Anyone know of any good ones? Old or new. The Flying Luna Clipper (1987) This is a pretty bizarre one that was made entirely with MSX computers and methods normally used to make visual novels. Japanese media portraying Hawaii is peak vaporwave IMO. It's about a bunch of anthropomorphic fruit...
  9. ChronosTheMad.mxtps

    I Fucking Hate Movie Trailers

    I feel like every single trailer these days is hell bent on blowing all the plot twists, good jokes, cool surprises and anything else I should like about the Movie. I will sometimes leave a trailer feeling like I have just watch the highlight reel; leaving nothing but the benign in between stuff...
  10. flugel

    A thread where i post stuff i got recommended

    This is personal thread, but feel free to recommend stuff that you liked if you want to. Basically here you can recommend stuff that you liked. Games, movies, shows, anime, music any sort of media is eligible
  11. What are you watching lately?

    What are you watching lately? Anything's fair game; TV shows, anime, cartoons, movies, youtube, etc.
  12. What's your favorite movie and why?

    You can have multiple favorites and any type of movie is fair game, yes it can be Pixar's Ratatouille. My favorite's probably Transylvania 6-5000, not for any like, deep reason I think it's just probably the movie I've had the most fun watching. The pacing makes it really digestible, it's...