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music thread

  1. MoonSire

    Inteligent dance music

    Post your favourite idm experimental tracks and artists, Other electronic genres are welcome too! My Pick is E2-E4 By Manuel Gotstsching. It's more of a berlin school album but i find it strongly resembling some of the 90s idm asthetics despite it being relased in the 80s View...
  2. Cyberbob

    Machine Learning Music Discovery

    I asked this in chat, but people are too distracted by a man boob discussion so I'll make a proper thread: Anyone know of a site or something where I can rapidly listen to songs and up/down vote so some friendly neighborhood AI can then surface dope music I like? I know, I know, AIs will be...
  3. xXzoomerXx

    R.I.P H3artcrush/Punkinloveee

    Ever heard of punkinloveee? Some of her songs have garnered quite attention on tik tok but she was never truly discovered by the mainstream internet. I think the intended purpose of this music was scene revival, Scenecore/Crunkcore. https://www.youtube.com/c/trxshcoreraver Has more uploads from...
  4. XxBallerFanxX

    Favorite musical artists

    The title is self-explanatory, itt post your current favorite musical artists. Ill go first: Lord Huron Fleet Foxes Jimmy Buffett
  5. ThirdEye

    Funk and Sample Thread!

    It's time to post your favorite RnB/Funk tracks that may or may not be sampled on your amateur Vaporwave Bandcamp album. Post whatever you'd like, and surprise me with your funky taste! I will, however, be posting classics that get turned into things like Futurefunk and whatnot. Have a taste...
  6. MugiNism

    Do you like eurobeat?

    i know this is a vaporwave forum but i allways loved eurobeat and i enjoy listeing a lot while im driving. Whats your favorute song? Mines are: The top: Ken blast View: https://youtu.be/aPI7ZeOGckQ Hero samurai: Alphatown 2000 View: https://youtu.be/JXTjlsd4a8Y Night fever: Dave...
  7. Vaporweeb

    ECHOWRG/Echochamber discography: Does anyone have missing albums?

    I just discovered this artist tonight through nightwave plaza only to find out that they dipped out and deleted all but two of their releases in 2018 (of course). https://echochamberjp.bandcamp.com/music Would anyone happen to have these? Especially When They Benefit. EDIT 6/17: Ladies and...
  8. admin

    November 2020 Music Artists Thread

    Hey everyone, here's the November artist's/producer's thread for this month where you can post what you've been working on and give feedback on other people's work. We are going back to the original format, no need to post a specific theme. Just post your current projects! Have Fun! :Cokebaka...
  9. admin

    October Music Artists Thread (Spooky Edition)

    Hello everyone! This is going to be a special monthly thread than the previous ones. In the October (Spooky Edition) post HALLOWEEN TRACKS ONLY! I want to make this a special thread and get in to the holiday spirit! DKcHaMp Producers of any experience level are welcome to post their tracks...