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new album

  1. Brapuccino

    Good Night, Sweet Dreams. (It's not vaporwave...)

    Hello, fellas I very recently (Dec 2022) released a concept album I had been working on for a couple of years, very dear to my heart, and I wanted to share it here. Titled Good Night, Sweet Dreams. Now I gave the other threads a quick look previous and it's probably very different than what's...
  2. Ocean County Mall

    "It's the end of the world as we know it.... but here in OceanCountyMall we party like its 1q85! **ESCAPE FROM REALITY**"

    View: https://oceancountymall.bandcamp.com/album/200-pure-nostalgia
  3. Saint Clipper

    I'm back

    Long time without going through here. I hope you like it. Greetings and happy holidays. View: https://youtu.be/1pfJXi_yMQU
  4. Saint Clipper

    Soon there will be something new.

    Hi all. It's been a few weeks since I went through this magnificent chat. Some of you do not know him, because you are new to the community and there are many of us. I will say something short, good, quick and brief: Mr. @shiftycomfort and I, we have been working on a musical work that will...
  5. Manro

    Released my first vaporwave album !

    I released my first vaporwave album, it's called Paradise Tower Incident, and it's available on every streaming platform ! It's computergaze I'd say heavily inspired by Infinite Frequencies, and I made it only using Chopin Nocturnes. I also submitted it to Nightwave Plaza, I hope you enjoy it...
  6. vaporwavemaster1


    これはそれを待っていたすべての人のためのものです...私はここ数ヶ月これらのトラックに取り組んできました、そして私は本当にそれを釘付けにしたと思います。このアルバムでは、ルーツに戻り、クラシックなエコージャムサウンドを作成します。また、忘れられがちなミレニアムの近くに生まれた初期のサイバーガール運動にも敬意を表します。 ここに展示されているバラエティが気に入ると思いますが、このアルバムはすべての人に何かを提供しようとしています。私の古い仕事に精通している皆さん、私はそれに戻ろうとしています。ここのどの曲があなたのお気に入りですか?アルバム全体についてどう思いますか?お知らせ下さい...
  7. angietorii

    Gaia by Blank Banshee Album Review

    Gaia by Blank Banshee is the last album published by him on November 30, 2020. After years of waiting from the last album, which was Mega in 2016, Blank Banshee surprised us with a whole new masterwork. It has got 15 songs, let's see them! Primordial: this is the first song of the album, which...
  8. AOL.ek


    i make a lot of vaporwave, everything from only sampled to samples work, and more ambient still like mall soft to classic Vaporwave. anyways i saw one of my albums on here and thought id say hi and let you all know i have more :) this is my bandcamp page- https://elliotfitz.bandcamp.com and...
  9. Archival Tapes

    ARC-005 on Archival Tapes!

    Hello everyone, here are some codes for the next album on Archival Tapes, coming soon to cassette. ARC-005 Paid Programming by Tony Fawkin Heal! View: https://archivaltapes.bandcamp.com/album/paid-programming-2 ️ Enjoy! ️