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  1. Some_porcupine

    Do you remember (Now Lost) "Future"?

    Parallel thread with https://8chan.moe/404/res/17276.html Example: "internet will topple down *Patriarchy*!"
  2. CognacDefender

    Game Boy Thread

    Post your own Game Boys, favourite models, and favourite games. I have 3 models my self, an OG, a color, and advanced SP. I loved emerald edition for the advance and have lately gotten back into playing on my GB color. I like playing Mario Golf and Tetris on it.
  3. _TF


    I wish a very happy 5th birthday to this very cool website and every member that has been part of it, sending love to all y'all :peepoLove1: !!! Share the best times you've had on the website throughout the years in this thread! :LeDoritoFace: also Two years ago... The very first post :
  4. Oasisboi

    Books that feel unreal

    This book right here was one of the most magical reads I have ever gotten my hands on. Some of the plot and logic were so unique and yet similar. I want to buy it again to see if I get the same fascination. I highly recommend you read it if you hadn't. magical snow is one of my favorite things...
  5. Remember_Summer_Days

    Costa Rica's Pampa and violence for the past.

    Today is Costa Rica's independence day. Actually, the declaration of independence didn't arrive until late October, and actually it's independence day for most of Central America. We celebrate the usual patriotic larp parades and concerts and people who care hang a flag around the bars jailing...
  6. aura_rising

    Nostalgic Soundtracks - Movies/Shows/Games

    Which soundtracks from old media have a special place in your heart? Hearing it again will either make you tear up or smile fondly, sometimes both. Feel free to share & discuss here. for me, hearing the soundtrack of Animal Crossing Wild World on DS brings my childhood flooding back. i would...
  7. SolidStateSurvivor

    HQ Analog Videos

    Thread title says it all, share high quality (60FPS preferably) videos shot before digital film. Bonus points for candid recordings of the past. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT4lDU-QLUY View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9AZ9CGMi4k View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KWyDqWHJyQ
  8. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    ITT: We post vintage promotional pics of Cars from the late 60s to late 90s (2000s is fine)

    There's something about these old clunkers that we adore at some point and these promo pics make them seem mythical. Anyway, let's post some fucking car pics we like. I'll start with this.
  9. Miku Simpson

    Whats a toy you always wanted as a kid but couldn't have?

    I'll start, when I was a kid I always wanted the Sylvanian Families ( or you might know them as Calico Critters) toys, but I always was extremely reluctant to ask my parents at any chisrtmases or birthdays because I thought they were only for "rich kids", only this year did I find out that they...
  10. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    The First RPGs you ever played as a child.

    Video games, we've played them as a child. Actually, we largely played a lot of games that were mostly either fighting, shooters, racing, puzzle, platform, and adventures with the last one I mentioned being the focus of today's thread. Rather one type of adventure games: RPGs. At some point in...
  11. SentFromMyMinitel

    Digital Snark-eology: Something Awful preserving the Weird Web

    https://www.somethingawful.com/weekend-web/ Anyone else used to peruse SA's old weekend web feature? I used to enjoy it as a contemporaneous exploration of weird internet subcultures but now I find myself going back to it and getting a little wistful about the furry fart-fetishists, the spandex...
  12. shinobu

    The old layout

    "The site had a redesign" "What the fuck, it looks like shit" -- A conversation as old as the Web TL;DR post redesigns that made you angry or how a website looked like in the past Remember how Youtube used to look back then? Tumblr? DeviantArt? Even Twitter and Facebook had a good design and a...
  13. kenetic.wav


    Hiii Everyone I randomly put this visual 2gether for 1 of my fav songs "Hit the Spot" by Surfing (@sssurfinggg). I hope they don't mind lol I just wanted to show my appreciation to their contribution to the vaporwave community! I hope y'all enjoy the video ! video link: View...
  14. EatFakePlants

    Uplink and Darwinia

    I fell down a rabbit hole recently of wondering why I'm into the things that I am, and a huge part of my childhood resurfaced when I remembered the games that I used to play. Growing up, I never had a console, I just had an old mac that I fiddled around with and played what I could. Uplink and...
  15. Little River Aral

    Xiao Xiao and stickman games

    I remember my brother watching these videos and I would kinda watch with him. I didn't understand what was happening (I must've been 5 maybe, he was in his early teens), just that those guys were fighting and it was super fucking cool. As I got older I started rewatching them (playing the ones...
  16. NEOPHONK ISSUE #2.jpg


    Concept for a fake gaming mag that our collective BLAC WAV is going to use to announce upcoming events. I'd like to turn this into a real magazine someday to talk about what's going on in the underground internet music scene if I have the time/money. This one is announcing our upcoming tape...
  17. Sable

    How does it feel knowing that you will never see anything new in your lifetime?

    The turn of the new millennium set the stage for a sea of originality and innovation. Almost everything from 2000-2010 was new and fresh. It makes me sad to know that every new app, platform, game or other piece of media will forever be riding off the success of its predecessor. The culture of...
  18. The 1950s-2010s & The Fleeting Bliss That Dominated This Era

    Well, if you lived in a Western nation that is. I've been thinking about this subject a lot recently and I think COVID has marked the definitive downfall of the way of life we take for granted, and from here I believe there is going to be a lot of economic decline, increase in a lack of societal...
  19. 2000's Anime General

    Yeah, that's right, I took l@in is here thread and took it into the 2000s! Movies, OVA's and anime series all are welcome to discuss, and yes maybe some early 2010s animes too but please be reasonable. Going to share one of my favourite anime intros to start off: View...
  20. Chao Tse-Tung

    Elder Scrolls General

    Remember comfy snow-days inside, playing Morrowind or Oblivion, and how enchanting and huge the worlds felt? Perhaps you enjoyed some classic vapor in the 2010s while playing the fun new Skyrim, and reminisced about all the complexity and features lost? If you're a real nerd like me, maybe you...