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  1. Kolph

    The 1950s-2010s & The Fleeting Bliss That Dominated This Era

    Well, if you lived in a Western nation that is. I've been thinking about this subject a lot recently and I think COVID has marked the definitive downfall of the way of life we take for granted, and from here I believe there is going to be a lot of economic decline, increase in a lack of societal...
  2. Kolph

    2000's Anime General

    Yeah, that's right, I took [email protected] is here thread and took it into the 2000s! Movies, OVA's and anime series all are welcome to discuss, and yes maybe some early 2010s animes too but please be reasonable.Going to share one of my favourite anime intros to start off:View...
  3. Chao Tse-Tung

    Elder Scrolls General

    Remember comfy snow-days inside, playing Morrowind or Oblivion, and how enchanting and huge the worlds felt?Perhaps you enjoyed some classic vapor in the 2010s while playing the fun new Skyrim, and reminisced about all the complexity and features lost?If you're a real nerd like me, maybe you...
  4. Saki_Sanobashi

    Digital Seclusion Analysis.

    (Note: This analysis includes full spoilers for the game!)First thing after finishing this visual novel, a sudden urge to go outside and get so much vitamin C till I get sunburnt, then to browse eBay for retro PC's. Digital Seclusion tells the story of a nameless and isolated protagonist who...
  5. kenetic.wav

    C H R I $ T M A S.wav

    Good Evening,I know I am a day late but my blog post wouldn't get approved until today & technically speaking the holiday shenanigans are still going on until the new year begins. So why not play some mall soft. I ended up creating a blog post of my favorite top 10 Christmas MALLSOFT Vaporwave...
  6. Kolph

    Discontinued Food & Drink

    Discuss food and drink from your past that's no longer around and that you wish was.-- Over here in the UK we had these things called Penguin dippers and they were bloody lovely. Little chocolate biscuits with chocolate dip pretty much.Also in Britain around the late 2000s there was a weird...
  7. kenetic.wav


    Good Evening Everyone,I randomly just felt like putting this little snippet together for my art brand. It was pretty fun to help me unwind from a long day at work. Going to be randomly making these types of videos on the side for fun. Please stay tuned for an extended version. LolView...
  8. Tintin

    Tell me about your pre-2005 experiences

    I was born in 2001, so I have no real idea how cool the world was back then, I'd like y'all to share your experiences with me so I can know more
  9. dullkedo

    What is your oldest tech-related memory?

    I remember watching a funny video of macaronis dancing the macarena, on a black laptop with both my parents. I just googled it and it should have been sometimes around 1996.What about you?View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOF0c5tyR5Y
  10. QWERTY4

    Thoughts on living in an IRL cyberpunk dystopia?

    I truly feel like we're living in a cyberpunk dystopia (but like the lesser cool version of it).Where instead of seeing cool aesthetic neon signs and Japanese imagery from the 80s and 90s, we're seeing nothing but political correctness and internet toxicity and vitriol since everything is so...
  11. Nick@Nite, by ♛シwayback.exe

    [email protected], by ♛シwayback.exe

    11 track album
  12. you're watching disney channel, by ♛シwayback.exe

    you're watching disney channel, by ♛シwayback.exe

    sampled a bumper from disney channel that should be nostalgic to anyone growing up in front of a television in the mid 2000s :) enjoy!

    Arcade Memories- Post Arcade Stories!

    As you push aside the blacked-out double doors, your eyes adjust to the smoky darkness of the game room. You've arrived at the arcade. Dim black lights illuminate your clothes to an alien neon, and a barrage of pops and clinks washes against your ears. To your left, you see rows of shoddily-kept...
  14. S K E E T  S K E E T, by ♛シwayback.exe

    S K E E T S K E E T, by ♛シwayback.exe

    track by ♛シwayback.exe
  15. THE WILD, by ♛シwayback.exe

    THE WILD, by ♛シwayback.exe

    track by ♛シwayback.exe
  16. Water Temple

    Vaporwave as a Coping Mechanism

    Greetings Travelers! Hope you enjoy my first thread post :)Most of us can agree Vaporwave brings about a certain degree of nostalgia within us, which I think is a major factor in the appeal of it. Personally, I discovered Vaporwave through Blank Banshee's Eco Zones back in 2014/2015. What...
  17. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    The Blockland Forums, a very "special" social experiment in the making since 2005.

    holy fucking shit this is going to be a long ass post.Here's a game you folks may have fond memories of.But yes, Blockland is a brick based building sandbox where you play with virtual LEGOs and build various things such as houses, bases, castles, cities.... etc. created by Eric "Badspot"...
  18. L

    I miss the early 2000's!

    There's something about the early 2000's that makes me feel wonderful inside! Anyone miss the times? Mandy Moore, bubblegum pop music, bold neon colors on a white background, weird shapes....love it! Here is an example of what I mean. Also, what is this aesthetic called???? Us Against The World
  19. N

    Nostalgia for a time that never existed, and nostalgia for a time we didn't live through

    Nostalgia for a time that never existed, or nostalgia for a time that you didn't live through is something I see a lot of people describe as the feeling vaporwave gives them, and a part of why vaporwave appeals to them. It's really interesting to me, and definitely something I personally relate...
  20. E

    Discontinued Foods Thread

    Are there any foods you remember that aren't around anymore? Please discuss and pray for their return Here are some I used to love as a kidWonder Ball - These were little chocolate spheres that were hollow, and they contain candy! I swear to god when I was really young, they had physical...
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