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old web

  1. SolidStateSurvivor

    Nekoweb - A Neocities "Competitor" Just Launched

    Nekoweb is essentially a sister site of Neocities, same basic principle of easy/free website hosting and development. It's currently in beta and still being worked on, but you can start a site and begin coding. The coding interface is a lot better than Neocities, has autofill suggestions for...
  2. Soloninja

    Best way to find new forums and blogs ?

    Been really getting into forums and old schools forums on the web. What is the best way to find them ??
  3. Cyberbob

    Digital Nostalgia

    Like many of you, I grew up on the net. When I wasn't in school, I was wired in. Messing with HyperCard. Downloading mystical software and MP3s. Adventuring in Myst. Chatting on AOL Kids Only chat rooms. Exploring the world wide web. I have a deep nostalgia for the 90s net and the early web. I...
  4. alix

    ITT: Post your favourite aesthetics

    Post aesthetics which you like or that interest you in this thread. Any aesthetic is fine).:agsmile: As for me, my favourite is without any doubt Frutiger Aero. While nostalgia plays a main factor in it, the calm music, combination of nature and digital, its humanism and its utopian feelings...
  5. wwwdotcom

    wiby.me Search Engine: SURPISE ME!

    Sweet N Comfy posted this search engine called Wiby.me (https://wiby.me/) in another thread. I thought it would be fun if we all went there and used the surprise me link and share what sites it took us to. These are what I got when I clicked on it: An Online Biology Book...
  6. PizzaW0lf

    Will a "Golden age" ever happen again? And if so, when?

    So the 2020's..... It's kinda... Awful?? In general, I think the start of the 2020s has been very disappointing and scary even. It feels like the start of major collapses across our society. It's getting harder and harder to latch onto hope and not become a doomer about it all. Heck, it's even...
  7. ghosttour-1


    i know a few old terrible websites, but most of them are from websitesfromhell and i want to find more. i dont care what kind, it could be from a car dealership, just from a person, but as long as its terrible and old i want it. anyone seeing this has probably already seen most of the websites...
  8. Cinderpeach

    How long do you think it would take for regular peeps to migrate over to places like Neocities if social media went down completely?

    I was reading some of the replies on 1980Miami's thread about No Smartphones or No Social Media, and then I was reminded about that time FB and Insta went down for a bit, and that go me thinking... If FB, Insta, and Twitter were to completely *POOF* overnight, how long do you think it would...