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  1. kodeb8

    We might be seeing the death of microblogging platforms

    So I've never been super big on microblogging, mainly because it's hard to get any engagement. You basically have to be extremely terminally online and build a cult of personality around yourself for people to listen to you, and I don't like that shit, it's not like a forum where you can just...
  2. starbreaker

    Choose Life; or, The Problem with Young Men and Video Games

    I originally wrote this back in 2020, but my wife reminded me of it when she found this bullshit from Bloomberg Opinion in her RSS feeds: "Young Men Are Gaming More. Are They Working Less?" If this be a schizopost, make the most of it. This rant is going to meander a bit. Either go with it...
  3. I figure internet centralization was the cause for all the cultural problems we see today.

    I think it's well acknowledged by now that Tumblr and 4chan were the breeding grounds for the respective wings of terminally online unreasonable left and right-wingers through the 2010s. But think about it, would a bunch of teenage girls just be naturally inclined to talking about manspreading...
  4. Aral

    The dangers of AI

    I originally made this into a status, but I think it deserves a thread. A friend of mine who also writes showed me an article this morning. Some guy apparently got his diploma using ChatGPT and the article was all about how neural networks are our future, how it's stupid to ban them like...
  5. Some_porcupine

    Is there any help, someone who understand this?

    I think this might be universal experience, but if not, I'll try to explain it anyway. If one believes in homogenity of universe, with the same conditions, everything could be replicatable... To the point - I feel like idiot. I critize everything but never speak up so why I bother with the...
  6. Glitchscreen

    Rant about anything, anything at all.

    The fact that I almost posted a paragraph about how much I hate when people insist everyone else gets along with them even though a lot of people dont like them and its blatantly obvious that that's so kinda makes me think, "am I in the wrong?" and now that I think about it, no, no I am not...