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  1. How much do you think fiction actually influences reality?

    I encountered this meme here while I was foraging in the wilderness, and it sort of made me think: It's some kind of anti-lolicon meme, kind of a 'gotcha' regarding how lolicons will easily agree that such pictures are representations of older women and thus implicity believe that enjoying...
  2. BobbyTrivia

    AUGUST 1st - Blank Banshee Tape & Vinyl Represses

    The website looks like these should be going up for sale at 9am PST on August 1st Where to buy: https://hologrambay.net/ Official announcement: View: https://twitter.com/hologrambay/status/1415385716004065280?s=19 y'all know I'll be gunning for those tapes! (RIP my wallet)