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  1. SomaSpice

    Obscure Vidya Thread

    I thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to sharing lesser known games that are worthwhile to play. I'll begin. PEREM ET HERU Created in 1998 in one of the oooold versions of RPGMaker. In this game you take part in an expedition into the lower levels of the pyramid of Giza, which...
  2. manpaint

    Is there any old story-exploration games out there?

    As you guys probably know, we have seen a fair share of narrative driven games recently. Example beings What Remains of Eeditch Finch, Firewatch, Detroit: Become Human etc. I was wondering if games similar to those existed in the old days. What I seek is essentially games that play like an RPG...
  3. kswiss

    Elden Ring Paradise

    I've played the Souls 1-3, the Bloodborne, and I'll even play that remaster/remake of Demons' Souls (once the IDEA of someone being able to own a PS5 is about as ubiquitious as it is of that of the PS4/360). Feeling like "this is a culmination of all the best thingzzz!1!!" mentality while also...
  4. theshredneckcsr

    Opinions on Pathologic?

    I was doing research on the game Pathologic as I'm preparing to purchase its sequel/remake. It's been forever since I've played it and I absolutely love all of it. The dark, malarial atmosphere of the game's central town. The idea that your three player characters are at odds with one another...
  5. QDBuckwheat

    Copper Odyssey

    Shilling for a free and very interesting RPG Maker game. It's a pretty goofy rpg with a lot of stuff to explore and find. I thought this would be a fun thread to post and share discoveries or give others help on their playthrough. Download here, https://cam999.itch.io/copper-odyssey It's also...
  6. VELTAHL, by R23X

    VELTAHL, by R23X

    A distant, desolate future holds the key to a mysterious past.......... New Wares are the new heirs — and yet, they too have been lost. The only organic humans left are isolated, amnesiac warriors — awoken at random from their thousand-year sleep — carrying nothing but a glaive.