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  1. lovelace

    Ptolemy - "Dead Society Theory" (video)

    User Moon-Watcher777 posted a thread with a video from a YouTube channel named Ptolemy a couple months ago "Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost." In this video Ptolemy borrows from dead internet theory arguing that most discourse is manufactured and the world is becoming more sterile and...
  2. Linkat

    The rise of profilicity and the future of society

    This thread is based on a post I made about the recent massacres in the United States. A sort of sequel to my meme critique thread which got a surprising amount of attention.Over the past decade I have found a lot of my social interactions to feel strange and stilted. Like the other person...
  3. Screen.Thief

    What's stopping you from accomplishing your dreams?

    I'm sure many of you can remember the day you dedicated your life to something, or made such an impactful decision in your life that was supposed to change it forever. And as time moved on; things changed, ideas shifted, you met someone who opened your mind to other experiences, possibilities...